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Terrain model showing proposed line work over existing (PLEASE HELP OR FIX!)

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I have been wrestling this problem since 2016. Its beyond frustrating at this point.  It seemed to be resolved only in 17.  Now Its back in 19.  The first image attached is how I would expect a site model to look when in 2D. The existing contours that are not effected should remain on that line style and only modified within the grading boundary our limit.  


However when I update the model in 2019 it draws proposed contours outside of the grading boundary overtop of the unaffected existing contours.  Which almost makes the model a waste of time.  The whole idea here should be to present a working model showing existing and proposed contours.


This should be resolved.  Otherwise you have to generate 2 models break them into snap shots and overlay and do additional time consuming tasks due to the error.  


The second image shows the undesired result, which essentially gives you a faulty visual output.  For the love of all things VW's can someone please explain why this happens? @Benson Shaw could you maybe shed some light on this? I seem to recall you having a lot of knowledge on these? @Eric Gilbey, RLA ASLA @Tamsin Slatter any thoughts here?


When I run this model in 2017 I do not have this issue.  


As soon as I open in 2018 or 2019 (making no changes at all) those versions seem to create the issue.

Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 2.44.05 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 2.54.19 PM.png

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@Jim Wilson It appears the SP2  for 19 has come closer to resolving this issue as the contours appear to be showing correctly now with the working terrain model I had been testing with.  


The big hang up now is when I try to make even the smallest change to the model, its taking close to 5 minutes(no exaggeration) to update, which is wayy to long. My computer should be up to the task? If this is normal then I would say this is still a unusable feature?


where as the same file in 17 updates within 30 seconds or so. Any thoughts? I did try other models in both 17 and only encountered slow update times with 19.

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Glad the visibility issue is sorted. No, I would not expect that much of a slowdown between the two versions, but in 2019 there are more settings than existed in 2017 that could be slowing it down unnecessarily. Get that file to tech@vectorworks.net and have them take a look, normally they can find the cause.

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