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Hinge-like 3D 'Rotate along line' function?

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How do I rotate along line in 3D?

Let's say I have two extruded hexagons that are connceted side by side (see attachment). I'd like to rotate the left one 90 degrees to the right one, like there is a hinge between the two.

2 small details: the connceted side is not and should not be aligned to the X or Y axe & rotating the left hex along the side of the white cube is not the preferred method.


I'm looking for a Vectorworks 3D-function that will do the trick for me...


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Vectorworks offers at least a couple more ways. They depend on Automatic Plane mode operating.


1.      A 2 or 3 step process with Modify>Rotate>Rotate3d command, Move By Points tool (or drag), and Rotate tool.  Select hex A and stand it up by filling the Rotate 3d fields to rotate it 90° about the x or y axis (or x' or y').  Now in a 3d view use the Move By Points tool to snap a corner of hex A to the corresponding corner of hex B.  If hinged edges are not coincident, use the Rotate tool to align hex A: Establish the plane of rotation by hovering on surface of hex B, click on the snapped points to establish center of rotation, click on intended hinge edge of hex A then edge of hex B.


2.  Create a guide object, eg Draw a line perpendicular to the hinge, extrude it to form a plane. Use the Rotate tool to rotate hex A.  Delete the guide object after the rotation.



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