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Kevin C

Minimum number of stair risers

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Looking for some help.


There are a number of situations where I am creating a stair and the number of risers on the first flight will be less than 3 (sometimes 0)


Example: In a domestic situation where the stair starts on a winder - this is currently impossible to achieve as the winder requires (in vectorworks) to be preceded by at least three risers.  I have tried to many times and never managed to get round this problem.

First picture shows what it should look like (manually drawn - and constructed / passed regulations etc.) and the others shows the best I can achieve from vectorworks.




Any suggestions??



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The custom stair no longer exists in VW 2018 (or has it been hidden away).


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I've kept trying the custom stair tool - and now I remember why it doesn't work.


There are a number of basic flaws in the tool that have never been rectified - especially as all work on it stopped when the new stair tool that was meant to solve all problems (which it didn't) appeared.

  1. The custom stair tool is of no use when constructing a timber stair (with a winder) as it cannot seem to draw external stringers properly
  2. The stringers also bear no resemblance to anything that would be built and usually continue beyond the stair
  3. It cannot draw handrails that can be represented in 3D that are of any use - albeit the new stair tool is only marginally better, but at least it can draw newel posts.
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Here’s a similar thread here where they had limited luck creating triple winders at the top & bottom with the Stair Tool:


The capabilities and functionality of the current Stair Tool are years behind the competition. 

Be sure to go over to both of these two Stair Tool wishlist threads and up vote them both:


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