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Separate single line and multiline text record fields into different types.

Kevin McAllister


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I want to back up Kevin on this... 


In the thread linked to above, it was mentioned that:




custom fields are regular record fields and, as such, they do not have different types for multiline and single line text. That is why, we have decided to make them all multiline, when the type is text, as that way users are not restricted to single line fields only. As of now, there is no way to make custom text fields single line.



I agree with Kevin that we need to bring back the ability to choose whether a field is single or multi-line. Not only for the data entry reasons Kevin has described in other threads, but also because it's generally just poor UI design currently. Why do I need a giant text box for a field that will never have more than a couple characters?


For example, I just encountered a title block on a project where, due to the multi-line fields, there is one field on a second "page" of fields. Here are screenshots:




  1. There's a LOT of wasted space in there. If the custom fields were a single line, everything would fit on one page and be easy to read.
  2. Pagination aside, it looks odd and inconsistent that some lines (the defaults) are single lines while others (custom fields) are multi-line.
  3. As a side note, the moving placement of Prev and Next is odd from a UI standpoint. (As a side side note, it'd be nice for the Sheet Data panel to just scroll down, if possible.)


Bringing back the ability to define single vs multi-line can be as simple as: click "Manage Sheet Data" < choose field < click "Edit" < when Type is set to "Text" there'd be a checkbox or radio button to determine the setting.


It's great to see the many improvements made the TBB over the last few versions, and am looking forward to it becoming even better. Thanks @Nikolay Zhelyazkov for all of your attention to the topic on the forums!

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