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Coordinates Issues With VW 2018

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I'm having coordinates problems with VW2018.  For example, if you set your user origin to a topographic survey Northings & Eastings grid, in order to use the stake tool lto locate coordinated setting out points, often the set origin randomly changes for no apparent reason, changing all the coordinates set out using the stake tool.  Sometimes, if I've referenced in a Topo Survey, and perhaps re-open the drawing or update the reference, somehow the reference moves miles away from the set user origin point because the coordinates have miraculously changed.  I'm continuously having to check the user origin coordinates prior to issuing drawings, to ensure nothing has randomly changed.   It is very frustrating.  Has anyone else experienced problem?  And if so, is it something I've been inadvertently doing whilst using VW2018? Or is this a known problem that Vectorworks are addressing?

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I think it is related to the general problem that Edit Submodes use

their own internal Coordinate System.

Like Extrude Plane in Extrudes or when editing things in a Site Model

Edit Mode.


That own internal origin is fine for things like Symbols.

But problematic in things like Extrudes when these got moved or rotated

and you want to exchange sub objects between these.

(And I think it even works inconsistent there, sometimes it uses VW world

coordinates, sometimes its own origin, which makes it totally unpredictable)


This also made me nuts when I needed to move (Z !) or rotate my Site model

where you have lots of options (Site Model, Site Model Settings, Layer Height, ...)

but none did all what I needed.

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If you are using referenced files in combination with georeferencing then the best way to avoid issues is to have the user origin align with the internal origin for all files involved and make sure none of the referenced files are in rotated plan view.


Ff the survey file is a dwg file you may want to check if it has its UCS (user origin) away form the WCS (internal origin) as VW tends to import based on the WCS of the dwg file and not the USC. Upon reloading the reference survey file it may shift. The same can happen if the referenced file is in rotated plan view and gets reloaded, this tends to get messed up at times as well.

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