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  1. There appears to be an error when publishing PDF drawings with a reference file. What appears to happen is if you orientate the drawing to fit a sheet layer, there reference file appears to default to it's original orientation when a PDF is generated, regardless of it being correct on the drawing. Will there be an update to correct this bug? I cannot attach an image due to this being a public forum, but can provide an example of the drawing to the VW technical team on request.
  2. Thanks Zoomer. At the moment it's driving me mad, but I'll look into it further, based on your info.
  3. I'm having coordinates problems with VW2018. For example, if you set your user origin to a topographic survey Northings & Eastings grid, in order to use the stake tool lto locate coordinated setting out points, often the set origin randomly changes for no apparent reason, changing all the coordinates set out using the stake tool. Sometimes, if I've referenced in a Topo Survey, and perhaps re-open the drawing or update the reference, somehow the reference moves miles away from the set user origin point because the coordinates have miraculously changed. I'm continuously having to check the user origin coordinates prior to issuing drawings, to ensure nothing has randomly changed. It is very frustrating. Has anyone else experienced problem? And if so, is it something I've been inadvertently doing whilst using VW2018? Or is this a known problem that Vectorworks are addressing?
  4. I'm having problems with VW2018 publishing DWG's. I've had to convert a full project back to VW2017 just so I can export to DWG. Every drawing I've tried to export crashes. VW2018 is just unusable in this state. Does anyone know when SP3 is being released?
  5. Hi Mark. Sadly, we have recently updated to SP2, and the problem is still occurring. It's very irritating indeed.
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