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Create Interior Elevation Viewports


I'd like to see a couple changes in the Create Interior Elevation Viewports command.


1.  I'd like to be able to define the location and extents of the 4 section viewports BEFORE the viewports are created and the active layer is shifted to the layer with the interior elevation viewports.


The current workflow requires waiting until the viewports render and the sheet layer with the viewports is active, then viewing the results and going back to the design layer to edit the location and extents of the viewports.  I know when I place the interior viewport marker exactly where I want the cuts and how far to extend them.  It would be much more efficient to define, or have the option to define at the onset.



2.  I'd like to be able to create more than one interior elevation viewport at a time.  Specifically, I'd like to set the position of all the interior elevation markers for a floor before the viewports are created.


When doing the interior elevations for an entire project, there is too much time navigating back and forth doing one room at a time.



3.  Remember the class, layer, and other settings from the last time the command was run.


Interior elevations often don't use the current layer and class visibilities, and are sometimes in a different scale.  When doing dozens of interior elevations, it would save time if the command auto populated the last used settings. 



4.  Make it possible to create interior elevation viewports from a sheet layer viewport, with the markers going into annotations.  The way regular section viewports work.


It would be helpful to drop the markers directly on a floor plan to manage the graphics of where the maker lands relative to notes, callout's etc.  Rather than put them in a design layer.



5.  Make it possible to create interior elevation viewports from a design layer other than the layer with the walls.


This avoids having 2D graphics on the same layer as the 3D model.  The markers can be moved to an overlay layer, but the computer often has to chew for a while when changing the design layer of the markers.

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Plus many to all the above.

How many times have I plopped a marker in a bathroom (with all walls joined) only to have the extents be way off in space.

Is there some secret to having it automatically limit itself too any given room?

I seem to remember it doing this in the videos, and I have even done this on occasion but now it's not working for me.



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On 5/4/2018 at 7:08 AM, bc said:

How many times have I plopped a marker in a bathroom (with all walls joined) only to have the extents be way off in space.


Yes.  It used to be better at sensing the extent of a room.  Now it usually extends to the farthest wall from the section cut.

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Plus all above - 

- I would the tag to be flexible so it can be moved around (like it is now, but that be done in annotation layer)

- Be able to place tag of disassociated interior viewports as interior tags not just as section lines (when someone has moved interior elevation viewports to different sheet by copy/pasting it, not by selecting other Layer in Object Info Palette).


Maybe Section/Elevation/Interior Elevation tool can be joined in one tool where tag option can be selected and both elevation and interior elevation tags could be moved around more flexibly and not be tied to their section line.

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How is it possible to create multiple viewports from the same interior elevation tag/entity?


Currently, AFAIK the duplicates disassociate. While it is possible to change the sheet layer via OIP for one viewport, we have different drawing sets requiring the same viewport to be visible on many sheets.


Some kind of viewport instance system would be good, preferably the option to set rendering setting individually for each instance to accommodate for different design phases.


BTW with 2019SP3 the interior elevation viewport calculations are still single-threaded, CPU at max 12.5%.



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