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  1. ok, thanks! I still think at 1:200 they would be a bit big and at 1:20 too small. But it works better the way you have suggested. Thank you
  2. Hi, It has been awhile but have you guys found a solution for scaling symbols? My issue here is that I have created simple electrical symbols for the electrical plans. We usually have different viewports with different scales (1:20, 1:50, 1:100, 1:200) showing different details and they all need the electrical symbols to be on. I have created them in a good size for a 1:100 drawing. When we use the viewport with 1:50 scale, for example, it would scale the symbol to be twice the original size, however in this scale I would like the symbols to be a bit smaller. So, I would like them to scale but with a different ratio. Similar to what happens to the drawing labels created in the annotation layer. To manage all changes in the project it would be ideal to use the same symbol and not having many of the same drawn to suit different scales. Pam
  3. Hi, any AustralianArchitects / Designers? I am interested to make contact with any Architects / Designers based in Australia who are using Vectorworks and the Energos Module in any form to design a Passivhaus project. We are interested to see how you use Energos in relation to the Passivhaus.


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