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Hi guys,


I'm starting a new landscape architecture project and I'm having some issues concerning top/plan representation of an IFC file.

From what I understood, when I import an IFC model to VW, the elements are recognized as an "IFC Entity", but, entering in edition mode, are just Extrudes, creating a problem in the top/plan representation.


Any suggestions to correct this problem? Any IFC import procedure should be done? Create 2d Poly's of the faces of the Extrude Objects?

Just attach some print screens of the situation (the site models were already created by me).




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I feel your pain,  JPC! 


It's a huge issue with the current implementation of the software.   I believe the makers of VW are aware of this and are working toward some longer-term solution that involves a lot of new code.  That said, it's anybody's guess if and when this will happen.  


Probably what you are going to have to do is abandon "top plan" and cut horizontal sections using the clip cube. To control the poche of the walls, make use of dialogue box that allows you to merge objects with structural groups.  You then have at least three line weights to manipulate.  Structural, Non-Structural, and Stuff beyond the section plane.  Unfortunately then this means that all your viewports, including plans, need to be rendered.  The other annoying thing about IFC objects is that they are often grouped or converted into 3d symbols, which means a lot of extra steps to edit.   You could probably set up layers for 2d linework, hatches and fills or draw directly in annotations.  Or you could rebuild the BIM model manually by turning the extrudes into smarter objects.  Unfortunately, there is no good way of turning solid model elements into parametric walls, floors, and stuff that looks good in top plan.


The other option is the to make use of Autohybrids.  But that makes things really hard to edit or explode if you ever need to.  Autohybrids have their own 3d origin or something, that doesn't quite relate to the rest of the model, in terms of global (xyz) positioning.  Probably Zoomer could explain this better than I can. He's light years ahead of me on this sort of thing! Plus they bog down the model a bit. 


Anyway, hope this helps! Good luck!  


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I think Landscape Architects make great use of and are dependent of Top Plan View (Fake) Mode.

So I would separate your LA part from the IFC Model.

Do your Landscape as usual and overlay a separate Viewport of the IFC Architecure Part.

If applicable try horizontal Sections for fast results.

If full control over architectural illustration is needed, it may be worth to convert, rebuild

or 2D Draw over the Architecture.

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If the architecture is just an imported element which is essentially referenced, why not make it an Autohybrid?  Then you can cut it at a given elevation, as long as you don't need to edit it much  and it will look good in Top Plan mode.

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I never have used Autohybrids.

If that works and you can pack the whole IFC file into a single Autohybrid,

why not ....

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