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Space Tool Bugs


These bugs are still present in Vw 2018 SP3. We do a lot of masterplanning using the space tool. It used to work, but in the last few of versions of Vw it has been broken. I really don't want to have to recommend we move back to Vw 2015 just to make this work.


1. When I adjust the gross height, the space object gets moved down to 0 height.

This is an annoyance. I can work around this. The next bugs I can't.




2. The class transparency attributes on the 2D boundary class are still not adopted.

The 2D outline of the Space should take on the line style, fill and opacity settings of the 2D boundary class. It does take on the line style and fill, just not the transparency settings




3. When I attempt to apply classes with textures to the 3D boundary class, no texture appears.

Textures will render, but only in Renderworks. Renderworks won’t render colour, and OpenGL won’t render colour or texture of space objects.




4. Vw Example File

The Space Tool used to do all of this in Vw 2015. I need – :

  • The Space Name and the 2D Boundary outline to be opaque,
  • The 2D Boundary fill to be transparent,
  • And the 3D Boundary to render textures and colours correctly in OpenGL and Renderworks.


I want to place the objects in a 'Space-Main' class, with the 2D and 3D boundaries to be assigned to transparent filled 'Zone' classes.  The example on the left shows this. You will notice the 2D boundary fill displayed opaque even though the class fill is set to 40%.


 The right example shows the overall object assigned to class 'Space-Zone-A' transparent because the Zone classes' fill is set to 40%. But doing this then sets the object's outline and text to 40% transparency (which I don't want).


At the moment my only solution is to use text, and slabs or 2D polygons and 3D extrudes to get the same result. I would love to know if I I am doing something wrong.





Space Tool Bugs.vwx

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I think I've found the route of your problem. I'm not particularly familiar with this tool so don't know if this is a new feature in 2018, but you need to set the 3D attributes to by class in the settings dialogue of the tool. Then I think the functionality that you wish for is restored?



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Nailed it! I cannot believe I have not seen that before! For the last couple of years, this tool has been giving me no end of grief. I am meant to know this stuff. Now I feel like a goose. Thanks for the fresh eyes.


Time to serve up some humble pie. But doesn't it taste good? ! ;) 


Thanks again.

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I know how it feels! Glad it’ll make your work a tad easier.


(not sure I caught the height issue that you were having problems with though)



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