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In VW11 you can use the "Connect/Combine" tool to extend multiple lines to a boundary line. With "Single Object Connect" function, select the lines to be extended and hold down the ALT/Option key as you click on the boundary line. Refer to page 12-9 in the VW User's Guide for more info. This is a useful feature that I have wished for many times.


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The best thing about this feature is that if you want multiple lines to extend to one line with this command ---if there are some lines which needs to be trimed can also be selected.

I mean if 5 lines needs to be extended and 5 lines needed to be trimed about the same line simuntaniously , the same procedure can be done as told by JE

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Interesting as I was just about to post a note on this topic as tonite I could not get the Connect/Combine tool to work. No where on 12-9 does it say anything about holding down Alt-L in order to make this tool work. If you follow the manual instructions and the command line , using Single Object Connect Mode, you pick the end of the object to extend and then click on the boundry. This does not work at all.

Has anyone else had this problem??

Tom in PA

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