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  1. One of the great, simple, plugins that existed from v11 and we used until v15 was drawing a line from a midpoint. The beauty of this was you simply clicked on 2 points and a line would rubber band from that point in any direction (similar to the division snap would), but then it could generate that line perpendicular to the 2 inputs vector or along the regular angle/snaps from that location. It would also give it the "center" line style automatically. It was an easy 3 point input which I cannot figure out a process that simple. I used this all the time in designing even when no objects existed and construction drawings. Without this, you have to draw the vector (so you can use the perpendicular snap), then draw the line and change its attributes if not selected, and delete the vector its perpendicular to. Many more steps than this old plugin required and 3Xs as frustrating since you could generate them on the fly with no backward steps, one right after the other without the drawbacks of having to draw that vector line and delete it that sets up the centerline. Its such a simple tool and incredibly useful you would think it would take Vectorworks very little effort to recreate it and roll it into the program by comparison to some of the gorilla sized useful tools they have created. The last incarnation of this titled "Centerline from Midpoint" by Tom Kyler on VectorDepot.
  2. Never mind, deleted the preferences and reset them.
  3. Trying to locate, and having difficulty, the setting that determines the line spacing for Callouts. Something, somehow, changed recently (been fine for many years) and the lines of text are overlapping instead of having space. If I ungroup the callout I can then change the line spacing, but this is obviously inconvenient. Thanks
  4. Pat Another thread answered the question with putting a number 1 in the Header field, beautiful simplicity. Now I have another question, when creating my own Worksheet I want to only include the records that are toggled "On Schedule" and eliminate the space I use for other purposes like the 1st floor area, etc... What is the criteria required to do this? do I use the logical IF function on that Field being "True", then show the data of those records?
  5. thanks you've solved all the prior issues ive been trying to work out I would give you an enormous hug for that bit of info. 5 yrs trying to figure that out
  6. Generating a worksheet for Window Daylight and Vent calculations. Summarize the table so all windows that are alike appear as one line item. This ends up summarizes the DLO and VO for the windows which is not what I want to display. I want this schedule to display the DLO and VO for the type of window not the sum of dlo/vo of the windows with that designation. One way I thought about doing this was adding a column that showed the number of windows per line that had that designation and a column that divided the sum of DLO field by the quantity. But I cannot figure out how to get the quantity (count) of the number of symbols with that designation. Ive included screen captures of the table before the sum applied to the first column and after.
  7. Hilarious, noted as a 'greenhorn' in spite of the fact that I've been using Vectorworks since 2003 and computers and computer modelling apps since 1990.
  8. Writing to find out if its possible in either 2010 or 2011 to access the feature sets of an Open Type typeface. We had to upgrade our fonts which are no long PS fonts but OT fonts. In doing so, we no longer have access to typeface benefits like Small Caps, etc... Is access to these type of features within an OT font available in Vectorworks?
  9. Does anyone know how to reference a worksheet in another file with its calculated results not changed. I am trying to reference a window schedule (generated from symbols placed on elevations not the window data from the window tool). Then reference it into another file that has schedules from several files laid out on a single "Schedules" sheet. Every time I try to import it it of course blanks out all info starting from scratch. I tried to create a viewport from the other file in the Schedules file but that resulted in the worksheet appearing empty in the schedules file as well. Thanks in Advance
  10. Ok so my second post was a bit of a tirade, it had been 4 months since the 1st post.
  11. yes, however, I use the wall tool for other things in a 2D manner such as elevation dwgs of mouldings. Rather not have to import those (probably 100 of mouldings and moulding combinations). Plus, graphically I have them already set-up for line weights etc... that I prefer. Addionally, as their legal caveats state, they justifiably have no liability for the use of their products, I'd rather not use something provided by someone who won't accept the liability for the use of those elements provided, so would rather use the ones I know are correct and can stand behind. I think its sort of a nice gesture that they are provided, but without them legally standing behind the accuracy of the dimensions, ratings, etc... I would be a legally liable fool to use them in a set of real contract documents. You hang your hat on what they provide without substantiation and you will hang for it in a court of law when sued. But thats your choice.
  12. I find it humorous that after 4 years of Vectorworks use, I'm still classified as "Greenhorn"
  13. Thanks for the response Mike. I was afraid that was the only way... ugh. Nothing like making the users work for their upgrade. Saves on programming costs I suppose.
  14. Does anyone at Vectorworks read these posts???
  15. was wondering if there was a way to import wall styles from V.11 and have them appear in the list. Also, have added/saved a few walls in a given project but don't understand 2008's structure well enough to understand how to make them generally available to other projects. I apologize for the nuisance of this post but I don't really understand the preference/template/library structures within this program. Seem a bit overly convoluted personally. But then again, Im not a computer tech head either, just a user. Thanks in Advance


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