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  1. 1. can I select something across all layers.. 2. can I merge to classes.. 3. is it possible to select objects with two dissimilar properties like I want to select all rectangles which are red in color and green in color toger...
  2. I use the US version, I couldn't find the number stamp tool in the workspace editor, I tried everywhere. I use the architect version, not the renderworks version, can that be a problem. In the help section it says call tool selector as -229 please help
  3. cairo9

    class on/off

    hey I was successful with the first part of the project, I mean hide and show solved my problem. now the second part, can I click a rectangle and activate a script...that would solve all my problem, expecting help
  4. you can change the pattern also ...by going to set attribute defaults, but you can't change the scale ..it is dependent on the layer scale...
  5. cairo9

    class on/off

    I am quite new to the world of VS, so advise accordingly. Let's assume I have 10 classes named 1-10. I have 4 rectangle in my drawing, if I click the first one, i want class 2 and 3 to be deactivated and class one to stay active and when I click the second rectangle say class 1 and 3 would be deactivated and 2 be active ...etc etc so on. just how a web page or a flash stuff works. is it possible please advise ?
  6. where is it ? I mean how do I get to that ?
  7. I use vectorworks architect.I have made a symbol for a switch board..Now I want to name them as SB-01, SB-02...etc etc Is there any shortcut method, so that Auto numering can happen, please advise.
  8. cairo9


    I think, Nemetschek should buy it and add it in the next version. I feel that individual property changing of HATCH should also be there. that is like autocad , after applying the same hatch to two different rectangle, i should be able to change the scale of them.
  9. Hey archoncad, YA it works great, I mean the script window.. Does the script window only create scripts, with custom selection or I can make something else also...say for example,to be simple whenever I click this script the object selected before that woud move by 6" etc . I mean if I can do it , it would be wonderful. If yws How do I get it there...
  10. Hi, the script concept looks great and I feel by writing script I can save a lot of my effort. But I am quite new to vectorworks, can you please tell me where should I write the script. I mean how should I do the selection script so that I can click that Icon and do the selection everytime.
  11. 1. How can I do custom selection for objects whose line weight is anything between 6-12 excepting them. I am unable to do it. 2. can I do custom selection with more than one rule, say can I choose all the rectangle which have black fill and line thickness 6. Please advise
  12. ya, it is a very desired character. Anyday VW is much superior to AutoCad , but it would be great if it can the match layer control qualities, then nothing could be better.
  13. I joined this new office and I wanted to convert everybody to vectorworks, where they were using AC for last 6-8 years. I had a big headache converting them as they were expecting Vectorworks as AUTOCAD -2020 version, with all older features, as AutoCad. THe trouble I had to go through was to first making them believe that treat it as a new software not as a substitute of Autocad. Now within 6 weeks these guys are so much in love with VW , that they don't even look at Autocad. Try it and see the result.
  14. what jan 15 suggests is what I think is what I have to do. Katie the problem with your suggestion is that when I will scale it the circle won't expand with respect to the centre but would rather move. jfmarch your suggestion should ideally be there in-built the vectorwork, as it is there in AutoCad. I mean when I select more than one object with more than one similar property they should be ideally editable together. LIke if I select two circle with similar radius I should be able to edit them together,and two circle with different radius and same centre should be editable together, with respect to the centre.
  15. I have made a lot of circles, I mean I have rather copied a lot of circles. Now i want to select all of them together and increase their radius.can I do that? I know that if I had made one of them as a symbol and copied then i can do it, but else is there any method...
  16. just like the boundary command in AutoCad, Can I automatically create a polygon within a space surrounded by six different lines. Something like compose, where 'n' different lines can all be selected to form a closed polygon. but what do I do if they intersect. Then this doesn't work, and I have to make a fresh polygon on my own. please help.
  17. I would be very happy if the scale of the hatch of an object can be changed on screen, just like changing any other property. Also if I can have the scale changed of the same hatch for different objects. I still feel there is a lot of scope for improvement in the concept of hatchin vectorworks as compared to AutoCad.
  18. The best thing about this feature is that if you want multiple lines to extend to one line with this command ---if there are some lines which needs to be trimed can also be selected. I mean if 5 lines needs to be extended and 5 lines needed to be trimed about the same line simuntaniously , the same procedure can be done as told by JE
  19. The match property can be a very painful affair if I have to select a lot of items one at a time. It would be great if I can have the apply attribute mode as a marquee instead of one at a time. What does others feel?
  20. Whenever I am changing it to black and white..my solid fills are disappearing. Any help
  21. I am a VW-11 user. Can I select all the simple door together, that are there in the drawing within a wall. I know might be a very easy question for you all.
  22. I would be very happy, if I can somehow click something and take that class into invisible mode, or when I click objects those class gets selected and the rest all go into the invisible mode. A feature available in AutoCAD and very handy. I mean it is quite painful to go to the dropdown select the class and then manually swith off all the class.
  23. I am a VW-9 user. When I am working with a round wall, and when I fix a lot of walls to it, or too many symbols suddenly I am seeing a circle coming with the round wall with the same centre as the circular wall, which I am unable to remove, can anyone help .


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