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Clearing Dialog pull down menu

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Is there a way to clear out a pull down menu in a dialog, so that one can populate the pull down with entirely new content?

The code below does not seem to do the job.  It would be nice if there was a command similar to the "vsoWidgetPopupClear" that is used for OIP pull downs


        GetChoiceCount(Dialog, kTargetData2BOList, fieldCount);
        IF fieldCount > 0 THEN
                FOR index := 1 TO  fieldCount DO
                        RemoveChoice(Dialog, kTargetData2BOList, index-1);
            END; {IF fieldCount > 0 }

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   It looks like your code should work. Have you verified that "fieldCount" is > 0? If it is, are your "Dialog" ID, and your "kTargetData2BOList" constant correct?


   I use something similar in Reshaper, where GetChoiceCnt is a custom function that returns the menu size from GetChoiceCount(), just like yours.

	for I := 0 to GetChoiceCnt(dlogID, MenuItem)-1 do
		RemoveChoice(dlogID, MenuItem, 0);





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   After reading Julian's comment I looked at your code and mine again; there is a difference. I always remove the 0th element (the element at the front of the list). Julian's way removes the last element every time. You are removing the element at the index counter, which is a moving target. Eventually, the list gets shorter than the index counter and you will receive a runtime error. You need to pick one of our two methods and you should be okay to proceed.




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