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Viewport/or Sheetlayer as Pixels

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I'm wondering if there is a way to save a render in pixel dimensions instead of what's supported in sheet layers which are millimeters.


I'd like to export a render the way you do in Cinema 4D, by telling the width and height of your rendered image in pixels...


This would work if one would want to make a render that would fit snuggly to a specific 4K TV or any screen really...


Hope someone can help me figuring this out.


Thanks in advance.

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I set my Sheet Layer to a cm size resembling Pixel Amount /100,

like 24 cm x 18 cm for 2400x1800 px,

and give it a DPI of 254.


Hard to fight to eliminate the print border and get out an exact Pixel Amount though ...

But is "about" what you get everywhere else (with a press of a button)

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