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  1. Many thanks for your answer @Tolu At the end what solved my problem (as you explained...) was that I saved a copy of the working file (a) as a vwx and then opened a new working file (b) and copied all elements form the copy of the working file (a) into the new working file (b) * note that the new working file is already in vwxw format. Luckily no work was lost! Thanks!
  2. @Tolu After doing an administrative release... how can user x commit once again to the PF? User x is trying to save but he gets this message: The commit operation failed because your permissions were changed or the exclusive locks on items you had checked out were released by an Administrator. I guess this is because a Administrative Release has been done. But I though the Administrative Release was in a way temporal... not permanent. What can I do so that user x once again can commit to the PF?
  3. martinfdc

    Structural Member and Elevations

    Hi, I would like to know if everybody ese is having this problem or maybe I'm just understanding incorrectly how structural member work. When working in a file that has stories and levels adjusted, I create a structural member and when trying to adjust the Elevations (start bound, start offset, end bound, end offset) the structural member simply does not obey the levels I'm assigning to its boundaries. The element changes height inconsistently, this happens if the element has been drawn as a beam or column. I would appreciate if someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong or maybe it's just a bug and we need to wait for a service pack.
  4. martinfdc


    oh and one more thing... it's strange that there are literally no videos about this tool. The only one I found is this that's from the design summit 2016 presentation.
  5. martinfdc


    I've also been trying to use the tool but it has resulted impossible to do so. The elevation limits simply do not work... I created this post But then found this one which basically proves that the tool is not working properly.
  6. martinfdc

    Structural Member and Elevations

    hey @zoomer I see that you liked the post... how have you been getting on with the structural member tool?
  7. Hi, Vectorworks implemented search fields in many places. One of them is the ability to search sheer layers. The only problem is that one can not search a sheet layer by sheet title, one can only search by sheet number. (results only show up if one searches the by the number of a sheet layer) I think it's very important that once can not only search by sheet number but also by Sheet Title! Hope this gets implemented in a future service pack!
  8. You can assign tags to Sheet Layers but you can't search them via the search bar.... If you can't search tags or filter them, what's a tag's use? VW community users, I think this is an incredibly useful tool that should work as it does with classes and layers, please give me a hand and throw some upvotes to this thread!
  9. martinfdc

    BimX for Vectorworks?

    A really great addition to the Nomad app would be a 3D measurement tool. One that would allow one to measure while viewing the model in a 3D view. The BIMx app does this very well.
  10. martinfdc

    Service Pack 2 for Vectorworks 2019 released

    Many thanks Jim! I will wait patiently for SP2 become available for the spanish version.
  11. martinfdc

    Service Pack 2 for Vectorworks 2019 released

    I’m eagerly waiting for your reply @Jim Wilson 😀
  12. martinfdc

    Vectorworks 2019 Offline Update

    @jblock how do you update the Spanish updater via the terminal? One more question, is the mac os terminal command the same as the one in your post above? When one wants to download the Generic Offline Update for VW 2019 in spanish?
  13. martinfdc

    Service Pack 2 for Vectorworks 2019 released

    @Jim Wilson,when I hit check for updates in the VW 2019 SP1 (spanish edition) it tells me that there is an update to SP2 but the updater language is in english... Do you know if there is a way to change the language of the updater?
  14. martinfdc

    Service Pack 2 for Vectorworks 2019 released

    what does this mean @Jim Wilson? is the update available for VW 2019 in Spanish also?
  15. Thanks for the suggestion @Kevin Allen, in the end what I did was I created a Subdivision Primitive as a square then gave it the shape I wanted, then increase number of iterations and then converted the subdivision to 3d polygons, then I placed all of those polygons in the DTM-Modifier class. It worked perfectly! I attach a screenshot of the result of using the 3d polygons obtained from the subdivision objet.
  16. It it currently not possible to have a site model modifier that does a form like the images I attach. I have tried doing this with a 3D Polygon placed under the DTM-Modifier class but the site model reads 3D polygons as contour lines. The pad with slope doesn't provide the form I want to create either. I have also tried creating a 3D Polygon, converting it to Nurbs then via the 3D power pack>Create Surfaces from Curves, then Create Interpolated Surfaces, and then placing that in the DTM-Modifier class but then the site model converts that into a mesh with little information that does not contain the form that I want. So the best way to create this strange shaped would be with the subdivision surface. I hope one day one can use this object as a site modifier. Or it could also be created via an interpolated surface but then the site model should respect all vertices and not read the interpolated surface as quite a basic mesh when the interpolated surface is in the DTM-Modifier class. Maybe I'm totally wrong and doing this type of form in a terrain is possible, if so, I would be very glad if someone tells me how can this be done. This type of form occurs many times in the real world, for example you have a ramp that's connected to a street with an incline and to a garage that it's entry level is straight...
  17. Would be handy if VW could have a similar tool to the one archicad has that helps create a quick sofa layout... Very handy for placing furniture on living rooms or waiting areas... Take a look at the screenshot I provide and also have a look at the youtube video I post from minute 12:35 onwards. Hope someday it becomes a feature! video (fast forward to minute 12:35):
  18. According to the Help site... (http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2018/eng/index.htm#t=VW2018_Guide%2FWalls_edit%2FEditing_Walls.htm&rhhlterm=wall layer cut plane&rhsyns= &ux=search) The Cut Plane feature only works with curtain walls.... It would be extremely useful if it could also work with standard walls. This would solve the problem of how to draw the example I mentioned above...
  19. @nrkuhl couldn't agree more with you in this wishlist item! I hope we soon get a feature that let's us represent properly cases in which a wall is above the cut plane... like in this case:
  20. martinfdc

    Layer Cut Plane - Does it actually work?

    @Boh no it doesn’t... at leat it hasn’t helped me in any way...
  21. martinfdc

    Layer Cut Plane - Does it actually work?

    Does anybody know if representing this wall and window situation can be done correctly in VW 2018 or 2019? I have this sort of problem all the time in VW.
  22. Hi, Would be great if the Pillar tool could accept left and right textures. I think the Pillar tool is a superior tool when compared to the wall projection tool. The projection tool always causes issues when the projection reaches the ends of walls. The Pillar tool works great always. You can join walls from everywhere and it works. Maybe even rename the Pillar tool to Irregular Wall or something like that because thats the way it works best.
  23. Hi, I think it would be amazing if Vectorworks would let us create a window that has a shorter sliding window over a larger window. This is a very common type of case... But currently there is now way of creating this parametrically. I attach two images. Number 1 is the closest we can get to using the window tool in Vectorworks. Image 2 is the type of window I wish Vectorworks could be capable of making parametrically (photoshopped image). Hope it gets implemented soon! p.s. If this could be implemented to the door tool that would be even better!
  24. Hope this wish list item makes it to Vectorworks 2020! Or even better if it makes it to Vectorworks 2019 in a service pack!
  25. martinfdc

    Window ("wall caps")

    I hope one can send forward windows in Vectorworks 2019 in order to have the line weight of the wall cap show.


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