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Andre Gardner

Incorrect counts in Plant Schedules

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I'm experiencing a problem with counts in plant schedules.


Certain symbols do not result in the correct number of individual plants in the schedules, despite having been individually placed.


Can you please help. I have a attached file with is giving us the problem for easy assessment of the problem.


Look for the Roses in the schedule - they all come up with a zero count.






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You need to make sure that each plant has "On Plant List" checked, see attached. Once you do that your plant counts will be accurate. 

missing roses.jpg

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HI, I am having problems with the correct display of the plant schedule size. I have typed under the various plant styles e.g. 9cm pot or 2l etc but as I print the plant list it shows the plants with an incorrect value ( e.g. 9cm where there should be 2l). Thank you for your help

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I will add my own query to this thread.


When creating a worksheet for the plant schedule, do you tick to take into account symbols or plug-in objects? Or it doesn't matter? I know that when both are selected everything is counted twice, if not more.


I am not sure if I understand the principle here.

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Quick off the top of my head response. Zero testing done, so I may be way off base.


Plants are PlugIn Objects. Plant Objects contain symbols. Those Symbols may contain other symbols.


So if you set you criteria to be Plants, you should get the right count.


If you set the criteria to be Plants or Symbols you should get a double count.


If you set the criteria to be Symbols and the check the Include objects in PIOs, you "should" get the right count.


If you set the criteria to be Symbols and you check both the Include Objects in Symbols and the Include Objects in PIOs buttons you should get at least a double count.



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Yes, I think this confirms my observation. But what about Landscape Areas? 


Anyway, I have one VW file open now. It seems that the criterion of Plant Record is present does the trick. No change if I untick all boxes. But if I tick both Symbols and Plug-in Objects then the count gets doubled.

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