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  1. Hi Can someone explain the process for changing the Carpinus hedge in the file attached from a double row to a double staggered row arrangement? We are trying to thin the numbers while maintaining an appearance of volume. Many thanks in advance for any support offered. Kind regards André LL454-500-0092_Detailed_Arrangement_-_Planting_Plan_Entrance_Parking_Area_B_MOD.vwx
  2. I'm experiencing a problem with counts in plant schedules. Certain symbols do not result in the correct number of individual plants in the schedules, despite having been individually placed. Can you please help. I have a attached file with is giving us the problem for easy assessment of the problem. Look for the Roses in the schedule - they all come up with a zero count. Regards Andre LL454-500-0093_Detailed_Arrangement_-_Planting_Plan_Mews_Area_-_Troubleshooting.vwx


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