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2018 Libraries always asking for update

Steven Swaby


Every time I start VW2018 it asks to update my resource libraries. We have four pc's machines and this occurs on two, one is a laptop with its user files on the HD, while the three desktops have their user files on the server. All four use workgroup libraries and resources on the server. I thought this was just a laptop issue but with one pc constantly asking for updates its got me flummoxed.

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I had this a few month before VW 2018 release,

after I manually added some files to my workgroup folders.

I didn't care much as VW 2018 was near.


I batch converted my copied Workgroup Folder for VW 2018 installation

and finally no more asking for updates in VW 2018 !


So I think there may be any kind of file that VW doesn't like or maybe has just

a previous VW file version which causes update asking message.
I could try and batch convert the 2017 Workgroup Folder again (?)if this was the case.


Edit :

No, batch converting did not help.

VW said it converted all files but it did not as the Message came immediately.

So everything has been VW 2017 already.

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