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  1. Hi, we occasionally send 3D Web view files to our clients. But recently we've had issues with the models coming out black. Has anyone come across this issue as well?
  2. Again it seems Auto Align Texture is not an available option in the OIP under render, as the render mode is by Component, Part is Render(Class Texture) and the Textures are being controlled by thier own classes.
  3. Good Idea, unfortunately that option is not available to me it is greyed out. I think this is because we are setting our render style by class texture.
  4. Having spent over an hour on this single issue and not finding a solution, can anyone else help. The gap between the white at teh bottom and the sand coloured texture at thee top is 225mm, three courses of brick exactly. And the blue bricks are exactly the right size 65mm high with 10mm mortar gap. But no matter what we try we cannot make the texture align with the bottom of the wall. We are using the VW18 inbuilt Shader 'Bricks' rather than an image.
  5. After a lot of trial and error, I finally discovered it was the USB Displaylink, causing the most problems. Its my laptop dock. I now have removed this completely and lug the monitor directly into the rear of the laptop via HDMI ports. The result is no more blank screens! However I still get pauses whenever I try to perform any sort of task.
  6. We get loads of issues like this on multiple PC platforms, and all our PC's are well above Optimum spec. VW18 is just broken!
  7. The USB Display link is my Startech docking hub, which I use to connect to the monitors, but I can connect one directly via HDMI.
  8. I have had this issue as well , and is part of the larger problem that I am happening with Vector works pausing and 'not responding' and everything going black whenever I select an object. Its almost as if vectorworks cant refresh itself quickly enough when you select an object. Currently I am running my PC will ALL none essential windows startup applications disabled. This has seen some improvement but it still occurs.
  9. DxDiag.txt Checking thru Direct Show stalls DXDiag but if I tell it to bypass that I get a scan result... attached. And yes it still happens when I just use the laptop screen. I always use the external monitors when working but have tired it with laptop screen only today. same issue. DxDiag.txt
  10. I've looked at every forum post I can find regarding graphics cards. I have two Nvidia Geforce GTX 980M 8BG ram GPU's in my laptop. Since recently upgrading to 2017 and then 2018 less than a month later I get constant black screens in Vectorworks with 'Not Responding' in the title bar. These last for 20- 60 seconds and occur all the time. Even clicking on a menu button causes a 5 second pause before the menu drops down. Selecting an object line a Dimension, Wall or even a view port often isn't registered/shown as being selected. Vectorworks doesn't crash it just pauses every time I try to do something. I use two monitors rather than the laptop screen. I have switched off SLI, forced Phys X to use the same GPU as the monitors. I've tried SLI left on, Phys X on the second GPU. I've tried Phys X on the CPU. I'm completely stuck, this never happened under VW2014!
  11. Every time I start VW2018 it asks to update my resource libraries. We have four pc's machines and this occurs on two, one is a laptop with its user files on the HD, while the three desktops have their user files on the server. All four use workgroup libraries and resources on the server. I thought this was just a laptop issue but with one pc constantly asking for updates its got me flummoxed.
  12. I know its fresh out, but any pointers on how to actually convert or create new titleblocks? We have a custom titleblock with our company logo etc, and I'm having real trouble even knowing where to begin to create a fully functional 2018 version of it. While the update function works on existing drawings fine, I cant see an easy way to create a new 2018 version for new projects of our own custom block.
  13. Here is a file with the door leaf symbol that I made as it should be and then a door object with the leaf being used in it, and you can see that its shrunk in the Z plane. door.vwx
  14. Unfortunately that did not work. Still got a squished door in a normal sized frame.
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