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Steven Kenzer

Tapered Curve"Brickmold" solid form....

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Hi, Everyone. I'm struggling to create a certain shape that I need for a furniture design I'm working on. Easiest way to explain is via the attached screenshot. I'm trying to create a subtle curved taper using the "brickmold" wood pieces but not sure how to go about this. Is it possible to form a straight column, compose or group it, then shave the sides to create the curved taper form? I might not be wording this correctly but I think the screenshot should be self explanatory. Any thoughts or comments will be much appreciated. Thank you.599735bed05a7_BrickmoldTaperedForm.jpg.44a0d19d02bdc82e7eb94d6152c6887f.jpg

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Here's how I would approach it -


- take an object that is the final form you want and shell it using the Shell Tool after selecting the top and bottom surfaces

- slice the shell horizontally at all the brick lines using the Split Tool. This will give you a series of rings.

- select every second course and group them. Also group the remaining courses.

- working within one of the groups in Top/Plan view, draw some angle guidelines to essentially divide things up into pie wedges. Slice across with the Split Tool using the guides as snap points. This will give you ever second course as divided bricks. The bricks will get smaller as you go down.

- repeat with the other groups.

- texture/colour as needed.





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This is where Surface Array could come in handy - but I think Kevin's suggestion will get you there more reliably & with more hair remaining.

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