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Deconstruct a helix

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Depending on the complexity of the surface, and assuming it's currently some sort of solid, you might be able to do the following:


Use the Extract tool from the 3D Modeling Toolset. Use "Extract Surface Mode" and make sure under preferences that "Create Planar Objects" is turned off. Select the helix's surface then hit the green checkmark. This should leave you with a NURBS Surface. With that selected, go to Model<3D Power Pack<Unfold Surfaces. This will 'flatten' out the surface as if it were a flat piece of paper.


If this step fails, it's because the surface curves along more than one axis and therefore can't be flattened, at least probably not in VW.

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@MichelvhHi, you could try Make Helix and convert to Nurbs, Go Model - 3D powerpack - Unfold Surface. This may be what you are after.

Opps as Andy said, didn't read his answer fully. he suggested this.



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Thanks for giving it a try 

I got an error trying to unfold

Must be too complex.


Let me know you you have any other ideas

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