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Make Layer Cut Plane option cut standard walls appropriately


Standard walls above the layer cut plane (as set in layer options), still show as though cut by the layer cut plane.  They should be invisible, or even better, have configurable options in the wall style for how they show when above layer cut plane.


Even better, a method for setting cut plane per viewport, while still having the drawing show in top/plan mode would be excellent.


See this thread for further discussion: 


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To add to the wish, please improve the documentation of Layer Cut Plane to clarify what it actually does and provide an example file.




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@nrkuhl couldn't agree more with you in this wishlist item! I hope we soon get a feature that let's us represent properly cases in which a wall is above the cut plane...  


like in this case: 


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According to the Help site... (http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2018/eng/index.htm#t=VW2018_Guide%2FWalls_edit%2FEditing_Walls.htm&rhhlterm=wall layer cut plane&rhsyns= &ux=search)


The Cut Plane feature only works with curtain walls.... It would be extremely useful if it could also work with standard walls. This would solve the problem of how to draw the example I mentioned above...



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