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Slab Z-Ref to Story Above Needed

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Slab objects need to be set relative to levels on the story above.  Right now, it appears they can only be set to levels in the associated story or the story below.  This is an odd omission because other story aware objects can be pinned to story above levels or story below levels.   

The use case is dropped ceilings.  Right now, I have the model set up so that the typical slab is both the floor of the layer it is on and the ceiling of the layer below.  This is helpful for a verity of reasons.  The issue is that areas of dropped ceiling for mechanical need to be on the layer they affect for the plan.  This is fine, but the issue is I need to set their level relative the story height of the story above and there is no way to do that.  


I think there is a cleaner way to select tory height aware objects reference levels.  I am not sure what it looks like - but I am sure there is one. 

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