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Constant zoom when curser is hovering over document



Suddenly today Vectorworks is doing something that I can't work with. If I hold the cursor over the document it zooms in constantly. I can't make it stop unless I hover over one of the tool palettes or menu bar. The second I put the curser back on the document it starts zooming. It does this on design layers, perspective views, even sheet layers. I tried restarting several times and it still does it. I thought that perhaps it was the scroll wheel on the mouse which I use to zoom, soI tried using a different mouse without a scroll wheel and it still zoomed. I tried unclicking the zoom mouse wheel preference and it moves horizontally instead of zooming, but again I can't control it. This happens on every file that I have tried, even my template. I then tried reinstalling SP3. It still does this.

I can't work like this, so any help is greatly appreciated!



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You may be on to something with the keyboard. After I posted this, I was using photoshop and found that in photoshop it would zoom if I held down the option button and this is something that it never did before. I did restart the computer a couple times as well as reinstalling VW2017 SP3. I just bought a new mouse and am starting up VW right now.


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Well, It seems that a new mouse did the trick. I don't really understand why since I tried a different mouse that didn't have a scroll wheel. Perhaps because I didn't restart when I hooked up the second mouse, something that I did when I bought the new mouse. Thanks for your input Pat! 

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