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Door and Window Schedules



Hi there,


I have been trying to create window and doors schedules by using the 'Create Record' tool. Because I want to customise it I have been using the 'User Fields' to enable me to add categories not specified in the object settings. However this seems a very cumbersome way of doing it and so I have also been trying to edit a previous set up schedule from a colleague by replacing some of the functions in the database row.


My issue is that in the template from my colleague there are some object settings already filled in that I am unable to edit in the object settings such as hardware type and lock type. I have turned off the 'include hardware' on the door settings but they are still appearing. I then deleted the values myself in the record which took a while but any time that i then hit recalculate they all reappear again.


Does anyone know a way of accessing further settings for the door to adjust these additional values or a simpler way for me to create a customisable schedule that is still linked (so not by changing it to a worksheet)?



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It appears to be an anomaly, but one that kind of makes sense.


If you set the hardware type for the door once (by checking the Use Hardware box), the hardware type is then stored in the field named HWDesc.  After that unchecking the box does not clear that field. This makes sense to me as if you later want to go back and turn the hardware back on you are likely to want the same hardware type.


Here is a workaround for your schedule.  Change the formula for the hardware to  


=IF(('Door'.'IncludeHardware'=TRUE), 'Door'.'HWDesc', '')


Be careful with the quotes and note that the quotes before the last close parenthesis are two single quotes not a double quote.


What this does is checks to see if the Include Hardware button is checked. If it is then it shows that value fore HWDesc. If not, it returns an empty string (the two single quotes).


You could also just include a column with a formula of ='Door'.'IncludeHardware'  This will get you the True/False values for the  button check state that you can change in the worksheet instead of having to dig all the way into the setting dialog box.


You might also like the script that I wrote that will give you all of the available fields in a PIO object.  Take a look at the following thread.



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