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Plant symbols



I always import my plant symbols from one design into another design, but all of a sudden it doesn't seem to work....
As soon as I want to copy a plant symbol which I created previously into my current drawing I can’t select it and it doesn’t display any graphics only an outline.
When I double click on it to enter the 2D Graphics, it is empty and then the image also disappears from my resource browser. The definition is still present.
What am I doping wrong.

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Paste a problem symbol into a new blank document and test there.

Visibility problems are usually related to class settings in the document or in sheet layers.


Several things to to check:


•Class visibility? Should be Show/Snap/Modify others. For many plants, if drawing class visibility is set to Active Only and drawing None class is active, only the outline of the plant will show. 


•Classes used in the symbol are present and visible in the target drawing?  Placing the symbol should create any missing classes (associated with the symbol) in the new drawing, but these new classes might not be set to visible in design layers or in sheet layer viewports.


•Vectorworks Preferences>Display>Navigation Graphics setting too high?  Try Best Compatibility.


•Unified View? (this is really unlikely, but . . .) Are your plants or their components spread over several layers?  3d view could make some components invisible if layers are different scale and Unified View option for Not Visible is switched on.



Post that test file and a screen shot of correct config if objects in the symbols still not visible.




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@Benson Shaw Checked all this, still I'm facing exactly the same problem. For e.g. in the attached file, when I double click on 'Amelanchiar La Poma' Plant instance and go to edit 2D plant graphics, the whole of plant's 2D disappears. Why is this happening?

Also, when I try to copy the plant symbol and paste on new document, nothing comes up except the plant annotation and insertion point.

Thanks for the help



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