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  1. Link of other posts with similar issue https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/36237-objects-assigned-to-quotnonequot-class-amp-other-problems/ https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/74300-3d-data-corrupt-in-plant-symbols/ https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/56671-2d-images-being-replace-with-locus/
  2. Hi, I have been trying to find out posts on this forum about an error that I'm getting - "The plant's 2D and 3D graphics are corrupt and have been replaced with a 2D locus and a 3D locus". There seems to be many posts from various users getting the same problem/error message but there hasn't been any to the point replies that answers the reason of this. Can VW please resolve this issue? So, basically I had created various plant styles and the file was working absolutely fine. But suddenly, now when I double click on the newly created plant styles, the 2D and 3D component disappears and only loci are left. The plant style already in VW libraries is working fine though. Pls find attached the file. Thanks. Test plant.vwx
  3. @Tamsin Slatter I am getting the same problem. I can't access the Exported plant file by following the path, however when I am searching in windows explorer I can find the file. However when I am trying to export and save a plant sTest.vwxtyle for e.g. Amelanchier La Poma, it doesnt show when I want to use ot for a new file.
  4. @Benson Shaw Checked all this, still I'm facing exactly the same problem. For e.g. in the attached file, when I double click on 'Amelanchiar La Poma' Plant instance and go to edit 2D plant graphics, the whole of plant's 2D disappears. Why is this happening? Also, when I try to copy the plant symbol and paste on new document, nothing comes up except the plant annotation and insertion point. Thanks for the help VW19Test.vwxTest.vwx
  5. @Tom W. Good idea to just make new one with different sized top. Didn't think about it . Thanks
  6. Hi, I am trying to design this bench with wooden top & steel legs (so different textures on both). Then I want to save this as symbol, so that I can scale it up or down to suit the size I need. How do I go about this? If I do solid addition, all the solid test.vwxchange to one texture. If I group it and create the symbol, the scale change moves the position of legs. Thanks for helping.
  7. Hi, Can someone please help me with resolve 3 problems in constructing this hardscape? 1. Is it possible to change the size of yorkstones (650mm x 450mm) used for the paving, so that the changed size shows on top/plan and Side view as per the scale? 2. Is it possible to change the jointing width (again showing as per scale on top plan and side view)? 3. In the front view of hardcape, rather than coloured texture of slab components, is it possible just to show the black & white rendering as it shows for the slab on the Resource manager VW19 Hardscape.vwx
  8. @jeff prince @Kevin McAllister Wow you guys are amazing and super helpful. Thank you both...
  9. @Kevin McAllister I still have no clue how you did it, but clearly you are very talented in 3D modelling. Thanks for helping out. Its amazing
  10. Thats exactly what it is for. And I tried to do manually for something simpler and it is amazing how a 2D shape can be converted into 3D by following simple steps.
  11. This is great. But still cant understand how to go about it. Can you please explain the steps used? Also, same request as last one... Can you pls convert the file in VW 2019 Thanks
  12. OMG! You have made it look so simple. I was trying for almost half of the day yesterday, just learning to build Helix... This is amazing. Can you please explain the steps you followed, so that I can learn how to go about such 3D modelling. Also, I dont know which version is the file in, but cant open it. I use VW 2019. Thank you so much for help. Really appreciate it. Any suggestion on good tutorial on how to use these spiral tools? I looked on youtube, but nothing explains in detail. Thanks once again
  13. Hi, In this water feature, I have tried to make two helix spirals. But I dont know how to join them? Is there a simpler wayto make spherical spiral?
  14. I'm trying to draw certain types of spiral water features. 1. Any suggestions what is the best way to draw this 3D model? Should I use Sweep or Create Helix - Spiral? How can I get the look of the ridge for spiral water rill ?
  15. Hi, Sorry for late reply. Yes, this is for a academic course which has strict guidelines. So have to follow that...
  16. @jeff prince You completely right. Maybe the term I am using is wrong. Yes it is the military oblique I am after @zoomer Thats so true that this projection looks awful practically. But I suppose the educational courses go for 90/45/45 look because it is easiest to draw by hand and the idea is to teach how to go about drawing these projections by hand. So, have you nailed this projection in VW (i mean 90/45/45)? How do you go about it? I have tried my best and looks quite close but still not perfect. Thanks both
  17. Hi, Till sometime VW plant database was working fine, but suddenly it has stopped updating plant records and showing an error. Screenshot attached. How can I resolve the issue? Thanks for helping
  18. @Dave Donley so, for eg if you zoom the edge of the wall on sheet layer, Wireframe shows crisp black edges but openGL is showing blurred gray edges. Pls find file attached. Thanks for helping open gl edges.vwx
  19. @jeff prince basically I need scaled orthogonal drawing that has ground line of wall & floor @ 90 degrees and ground line of floor and wall height @ 45 degrees. So for eg in the file lets say red is the wall & green is the ground. I have tried to make Wall floor line and floor ground line as 90 degree, but the the angle betweeen wall ht & floor line is almost 70 degree. axo 45.vwx
  20. Hi, I am trying to show part of drawing on sheet layer in wireframe rendering appearence by clip cube, openGL rendering (without textures & colours), But by doing so the line edges are turning gray. It is usually black for openGL without clip cube. Is there any way to change this ? Thanks
  21. Hi, Is there a way to make 45 degree axonometric projection of a drawing? Predefined right & left isometric drawings are 120 degree. Thanks
  22. BGD

    Data tag

    Hi, I created a custom data tag that mainly had fields with dynamic text. I finished all my work and had about 20 such data tags with different dynamic text. When I reopened the file, all the dynamic text has disappeared and just the original data tag layout is left with no dynamic text. Such a waste of time
  23. As in the clip cube view disappears in hidden rendering on a sheet layer
  24. Even hidden rendering doesn't get supported in sheet layer.
  25. Hi, I am trying to do wireframe rendering on a sheet layer for a viewport created by clipped cube design layer. But as soon as I apply wireframe rendering on viewport, I loos the clip cube view. Is there any way around this? Basically I want to create a scaled elevation in Vectorworks and then hand render it, so I dont want any colours on the view, not even grays like you get in B&W rendering or Open GL options of omitting colour. Thanks
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