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    45 degree isometric

    @jeff prince You completely right. Maybe the term I am using is wrong. Yes it is the military oblique I am after @zoomer Thats so true that this projection looks awful practically. But I suppose the educational courses go for 90/45/45 look because it is easiest to draw by hand and the idea is to teach how to go about drawing these projections by hand. So, have you nailed this projection in VW (i mean 90/45/45)? How do you go about it? I have tried my best and looks quite close but still not perfect. Thanks both
  2. Hi, Till sometime VW plant database was working fine, but suddenly it has stopped updating plant records and showing an error. Screenshot attached. How can I resolve the issue? Thanks for helping
  3. @Dave Donley so, for eg if you zoom the edge of the wall on sheet layer, Wireframe shows crisp black edges but openGL is showing blurred gray edges. Pls find file attached. Thanks for helping open gl edges.vwx
  4. BGD

    45 degree isometric

    @jeff prince basically I need scaled orthogonal drawing that has ground line of wall & floor @ 90 degrees and ground line of floor and wall height @ 45 degrees. So for eg in the file lets say red is the wall & green is the ground. I have tried to make Wall floor line and floor ground line as 90 degree, but the the angle betweeen wall ht & floor line is almost 70 degree. axo 45.vwx
  5. Hi, I am trying to show part of drawing on sheet layer in wireframe rendering appearence by clip cube, openGL rendering (without textures & colours), But by doing so the line edges are turning gray. It is usually black for openGL without clip cube. Is there any way to change this ? Thanks
  6. Hi, Is there a way to make 45 degree axonometric projection of a drawing? Predefined right & left isometric drawings are 120 degree. Thanks
  7. BGD

    Data tag

    Hi, I created a custom data tag that mainly had fields with dynamic text. I finished all my work and had about 20 such data tags with different dynamic text. When I reopened the file, all the dynamic text has disappeared and just the original data tag layout is left with no dynamic text. Such a waste of time
  8. As in the clip cube view disappears in hidden rendering on a sheet layer
  9. Even hidden rendering doesn't get supported in sheet layer.
  10. Hi, I am trying to do wireframe rendering on a sheet layer for a viewport created by clipped cube design layer. But as soon as I apply wireframe rendering on viewport, I loos the clip cube view. Is there any way around this? Basically I want to create a scaled elevation in Vectorworks and then hand render it, so I dont want any colours on the view, not even grays like you get in B&W rendering or Open GL options of omitting colour. Thanks
  11. BGD

    Viewport scaling

    @Art V Thats very helpful expalnation & suggestion. Thank you
  12. BGD

    Viewport scaling

    @Art V So, is there a way to show real world distances ruler on sheet layer? Thanks
  13. BGD

    Viewport scaling

    Hi, I have created a cube on design layer. Now suppose I zoom on that cube and create viewport of this view on a sheet layer, although the scale of design & sheet layer is same, the drawing on design layer & sheet layer has different dimensions. Why is this happening and how can I correct it? Also the ruler value on design layer & sheet layer shows different numbers. Whay does that happen? Thanks test.vwx
  14. @Art V thanks, that works.
  15. Hi, I created a custom title block border in design layer and saved it as a plug-in object. Now I am trying to use this TBB on the sheet layers, but the layout and dimension of TBB goes completely haywire on sheet layers. Cant understand whats happening, although dimension of design layer & sheet layer is same. Also, the ruler under tool dialogue box in design layer is showing different then sheet layer's. Dont know why.. Thanks for help.
  16. BGD

    Viewport elevation

    @CipesDesign 1. I might have to use the crop as I really dont know what that line. Looks like its picking crop rectangle's bottom line for some reason. Other lines of crop's rectangle is not showing. Thanks for helping.
  17. BGD

    Viewport rendering

    Wow, thank you so much for taking out so much time to reply.
  18. Hi, 2 questions w.r.t a side view elevation 1. How can I can rid of the ground line.. it is probably coming due to side view of design layer. I have no lines drawn there. 2. On left hand side, the rose shrub is showing to be going through the house wall. Is there any way to fix it? Thanks for taking time to help.
  19. BGD

    Viewport rendering

    @Pat Stanford Like @Alex Sagatov said, for VW library plant style's the only OIP> Render available for plants is Document default (rough).
  20. BGD

    Viewport rendering

    @Alex Sagatov That's a good innovative way of getting the sketched look. Just wondering, what was the last step you did once you got the effect on plants, as in how did you get both the layer visible (in their respective effect i.e. design plan in artistic rendering and plants in openGl with image effects)?
  21. BGD

    Viewport rendering

    Hi, I have created a viewport showing perspective view of my garden design . In viewport's when I choose, OIP>Background render>Artistic renderworks, the whole plan gets the sketcky look but there is no sketch for the plants. Is there a way that it shows plants in a sketchy way as well on the viewports. All the required classes & layers are turned on. Thanks for helping
  22. @fabrica @Pat Stanford @bgoff All helpful and to the point replies. Thanks
  23. Hi, I have created elevation viewport of 4 garden walls (North, East, West, South) on separate sheet layers. Now lets say I am making any changes to the design layer (like adding plants or changing the hardscape a bit, the same changes are not showing on elevation viewports even after updating. Why is this happening. Does that mean I have to make same changes in design layer of all the viewports separately? Thanks
  24. BGD

    Datum point

    @jeff prince Thanks for this. It's strange the insertion Pt z value throws different values for different kind of objects. For hardscapes it shows the elevation, for extruded solid objects it shows the mid point on z axis etc. Maybe, Vectorworks can standardise its approach to this data for various types of objects. Thanks for your help & time. Sticking with stakes option for now as the site is not too big. But, I take your point for large projects a basic info like this can be an issue.


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