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Problem editing Text Along Path


Hi all -


I have created a document that uses Text Along Path, to have the text wrap around this edge of a circle.  This all looks good.  I have changed the text a few times with no issues.   However, now, when I try to change the wording I RightClick on the text and choose Edit Profile I get the edit window BUT the text appears only for a half second then disappears totally - BUT the Object info palette goes blank!   ... I have Show/Snap/Modify Others turned on for classes and layers, so I don't think it is a visibility issue. 


Now, one thing it MIGHT be is that I have copied and pasted this Text Along Path object... could it not like to work on copies?  I don't think that could be it because it HAS worked with some copies before.  If I recreate the file from scratch it works and will work on copies but at some point along the way it just stops allowing me to edit this text


What am I missing?


Thanks in advance for your help,



I am using VW2017, Spotlight on PC in Windows10

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Might be that the text is too long. Try with something shorter.

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If you can, please post that text along path object in a test VWX file here and I can take a look.

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