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Numeric Keypad for OIP Box Position Indicator


I would like the Box Position Indicator to respond to a entry from numeric keypad entry when the mouse is hovering over the OIP and no field is selected, or with a modifier key...  9 anchor points<=> 9 numeric keys  This would speed up drawing work.

Also there must be a better name out there for the 'box position indicator? Pinboard? Pincushion? AnchorGrid? VertexGrid? AnchorMatrix? AppleStrudle?... anyone?

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I think you need to take a break from the computer and get a bite to eat. First croissants and coffee, now apple strudel. Both in the same 30 minute period ;-)


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lol!  you might be right Pat. I'll be back.:D

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I don't think I will control these by NumPad.

But I want to add that the way it is now, these points are really hard to select.

In 80% of usage I need a second or third attempt to select the desired Point.

(Even in the past when I used mouse input)


While I think 2D Origin Setting Feature itself itself is really great and important.

(So that I would like to have that in 3D for Solids too !)

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