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I appreciate VW's timely and frequent updates and upgrades. But the link doesn't give any information as to the nature of the incompatibility or the suitability of the Beta update for the current OSX versions. I'd like to know more so as to make a decision to update/ upgrade, Specifically; does the beta update run under OSX 10.2.xx, or is it ONLY for Panther?


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OS 10.3 will cause printer problems and open the potential for corrupted file because of this problem if you use any version of VW prior to 10.5.1 with OS 10.3.x.

If you are using VW 9.5.x, you'll either need to stay in OS 10.2, revert to OS 9 or purchase VW 10 (up to 10.5.1) to avoid these problems.

Currently, VW 10.5.1 is the ONLY compatible version of VW with OS 10.3.x.

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Beta is not misleading. It does mean a test version. It is usually not supported and if you are not a power user, and willing to take a risk don't use it. If you are a beta tester, the benefit is to report problems that the test computers at Nemetschek couldn't catch. This is very important, they can't test every configuration, and that's why bugs do exist.

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Nemetschek North America Announces Public Beta of VectorWorks for Mac OS X 10.3 "Panther"

Columbia, Maryland (October 22, 2003)? Nemetschek North America announced today that it will release a public beta of VectorWorks to coincide with Apple?s release of Mac OS X 10.3 "Panther" this Friday. Company officials state that this special Macintosh beta version, VectorWorks 10.5.1b, is intended to provide timely compatibility with Apple?s newest operating system. A final version of VectorWorks 10.5.1 is scheduled for later this winter.

Paul Pharr, CAD Manager for Nemetschek North America, stated, "We are committed to fully supporting Mac OS X Panther and have worked hard to resolve known compatibility issues. Panther is an exciting evolution of Mac OS X and offers improvements in speed, ease of use, and reliability. Releasing VectorWorks 10.5.1 as a public beta provides VectorWorks 10 users with immediate Panther?compatibility, and at the same time allows us to resolve any unforeseen issues that may arise before the final VectorWorks 10.5.1 release later this winter."

The VectorWorks 10.5.1 Macintosh beta updater will be made available as a free download for VectorWorks 10.5 users from the company?s website. Prior versions of VectorWorks for Mac OS X are not Panther-compatible. Nemetschek North America officials state that VectorWorks 9.5 and 10 users will need to upgrade to Version 10.5.1 if they wish to take advantage of Mac OS X Panther.

For more information on the VectorWorks 10.5.1 public beta, visit

www.nemetschek.net/downloads. For more information on Mac OS X Panther

compatibility please visit, www.apple.com.

Nemetschek North America (formerly Diehl Graphsoft) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of European software giant Nemetschek AG. A global leader in design technologies, Nemetschek N.A. has developed CAD software for the personal computer since 1985. VectorWorks, our flagship product, is one of the world's best selling CAD products and is available in over 85 countries and is translated in 14 languages. The VectorWorks Industry Series is a line of products designed specifically to meet the needs of designers in the fields of AEC, entertainment and landscape design. For more information, visit www.nemetschek.net

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I always save as a PDF before I print (i'm using 9.5.3)--since I don't actually use print center out of Panther, can I still use 9.5? Or will there be errors with that as well? Has anyone tried saving to a PDF out of VW 9.5 in panther? Any response is appreciated.

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The safest thing to do is to avoid 10.3 until your software (including VectorWorks) supports it. If you need to upgrade to 10.3 for some reason then we are providing you with a relatively untested (beta) version of our software which fixes the known problems. Known problems include relatively frequent crashes when using the application and especially when printing. VectorWorks 10.5.1 is the only version of VectorWorks which will avoid these problems.

Users of prior versions of VectorWorks should upgrade to 10.5.1 before upgrading to MacOS X 10.3.

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What in hell is wrong with you people, Mac OSX is fraught with problems, printing, permissions, etc!! If you must feel that you're on the cutting edge of technology, G5 & Panther, then how can you possibly expect all to function flawlessly out of the box? Life is not perfection, but in the field of engineering & cad, it seems that you stay with what works until the dust settles! The problem here is that the platform, at least on the mac side, won't be stable enough for the developers to keep up. I for one appreciate the effort put forth by NNA. The rest of you in search of the magic wand should go fish and shut the hell up with whining

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I have a a few questions:

1) question regarding the speed of panther with Vectorworks.....will it be a faster running combination?

We have OS 10.2.6 at the moment and with VW 10 many functions are slow slow slow.

2) question regardign updates - We have tried to upgrade to 10.1, 10.2, etc and have nothing but problems problems problems.

So we have to revert to 10.0

Will it be possible to update to 10.5.1 directly from 10.0 without going through the other updates?


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i installed panther and vectorworks 9.5.3 on my laptop (G3 iBook 466 Mgh) at home to see if there are any compatibility issues before installing panther at the office. to my surprise everything seems fine. in fact it runs better than on my G4 at work. rendering is faster, no printing problems, even the text problems i encounter all the time have gone away. should i worry about everything working so well.

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