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Saving to cd's

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We are running VW 10.5 on OSX on a mixed platform peer to peer network. The mac users are having a problem reading files from cd's they have written. The error message comes up:

-61 No Write Permission

Attempt to open file - FSOPEN

The files have been taken off a pc on the network saved to the mac desktop and then copied to cd on the mac. The files can be opened off the cd by the pc's. This doesn't happen with anyother file type we know. [Confused]

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As Peter Cipes said CD copies in my experience are always read only. My guess is that the OS and the program is setting itself up to make changes to the file when you open it. Because it cannot start this pre-emptive process it shows this "error". Copying it to your machines should work fine.

Its like trying to save a file to CD from within the program, you have to go through the burning facility of the OS or third party software like Toast etc. unlike saving to hard disc.

If you have a file small enough and have the old floppy disc setup still I'm sure that would show differently because of its write back set up. Ah the good old days.;~)


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I do believe that this is an issue with the way VectorWorks opens files, though. I have many files backed-up on cd, and only VectorWorks is unable to open any of them. Copying to the HD always works.

it's a minor issue, but it does make it rather cumbersome to browse through an entire cd, because you have to copy all of its contents first.

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This has also bothered me for a long time.

Maybe Katie or someone else from Nemetschek could tell us why Vectorworks has to write something to a disk just to open a file.

It would seem to me that nothing should be written to the disk until you save the file.

I think it is common office procedure to eventually burn older files to a CD for archiving to cut back on the storage burden of the file server.

In my office, we are constantly goiing back into the archives to look at older files. I seems an unnecessary burden to have to copy a file to the local drive just to view it, and then remember to delete the file from the local drive after viewing.

I agree that CD's are "Read Only". But "Read" is all I want to do.

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Peter, I would assume that the Viewer would accept CD's or emails. After all, the discussions that I recall were that a reprographics house could download the viewer and then view and print a clients VW files.

Makes sense to me. VW is designed to produce files and therefore needs a medium to write to.

The Viewer is to read files and therefore should only need the file as a source to read from.

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