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Soffits and Fascias on Gable End Roofs

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New to Vectorworks:

When I create a Gable end Roof system on a house or garage I need to show the soffits and fascias on the Gable Ends as well as on the eaves. I use the insert soffit and fascia commands in the roof tool or in the edit roof tool but the fascia and soffit only show up on the eaves not on the gable ends. (I'm still trying to get the soffit positioned where I want it.) I just get the thick line of the roof assembly itself. It doesn't stop the structure  at the wall and extend a soffit and fascia only.


What do I need to do to illustrate this correctly?


Your help is appreciated.


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Would I use this method for creating an Eave over hang on the Gable end roof? Right now the gable show as the thickness of my roof (12") and I need the eave overhang to be only 6". If this is the case, what's the tutorial on creating this?  This is a detail I use all the time.



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This roof tool needs a lot of work. I look your joining of the 2 pitches, Can anyone show me how to join the 2 roofs the same way you can join the walls with the components?

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I always do roofs with a proper Roof for the main bit (within the walls outer faces) and then simply use Roof Faces for the eaves and verges. I set up Roof Styles for the main roof (with insulation etc) and for the overhanging bits (without insulation etc). It sounds a bit clunky, but is actually quick - just do half of each gable (draw and add together rectangles as required, make into a Roof Face, apply required style, and drag up or down to get exactly level with main roof edge, then mirror. It's one of those many examples where VW lacks a proper tool for the job, but has so many ways of doing generally useful things that it's easy to sort it out.

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I make my own roof components with stacked roof objects.  After general schematic is done using Roof Objects I then start duplicating and modifying to make each component.  I start with a 1/2" sheathing with full extension to the drip lines.  I then duplicate in place and make the framing component that stops at the wall bearing.   For the soffit you can duplicate your entire roof, set it to the thickness you need for the soffit, and then from your plan view cut out of the middle the area of the house leaving only the soffit around the perimeter.  This still gets modified and manipulated like a Roof Object because it is one.   You can even duplicate this soffit object and use one for the soffit framing/truss extension area and then another 1/2" thick component beneath that for the finish material.  We often need to pull back a few inches on the depth of the soffit framing from the depth of the sheathing because we wrap crown mouldings and fascia boards around the eaves with Extrude Along Path objects.  With each component in a different class its easy to assign your textures.   Now all of your roof components show up in your detail cuts.  You only need to do 2d overlays if you don't like how the hatch shows up.   It is a hassle when you need to cut holes or modify shapes as now you have to repeat the edit through multiple Roof Objects.   When Roof Components were first introduced I was hoping to achieve this same functionality all inside one Roof Object but so far that hasn't been the case.   We're still in VW2016 for the moment and do not use the Roof Components at all.   I haven't heard if 2017 has made improvements to Roof Components.   We'll be switching over soon.

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