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  1. I am unable to even import my old title block correctly into the new 2018 version. They simply do not show up in the Sheet border menu.
  2. nca777, I am still learning the program after moving from a 2D environment. I know how I want to have the site graded, the information I was seeking was how to to the modifications.
  3. Thanks, I will try these. I have saved the file under a different name to work with this. (just incase I really mess things up). As a newbie, I appreciate all the advice.
  4. I have created the 3D site model of a property, grades are right for the site. I am trying to remove the fill where the house will be place. The Site is sloped. I have tried the pad, pad with retaining wall, and I am not able to remove the "soil" where my new building is. I am working in Architect. What am I doing wrong?
  5. I am trying the wall framer for the first time. I can get the diagrams up, but the system is not placing studs in the corners. I am trying to do a simple rectangular garage. I also can't figure out how to create the vertical blocking. Can some one please let me know where I specify these items in the system or are these adjustments I need to make manually? Thanks
  6. Will this work to give me the exact Rough openings of non standard shaped windows? i.c trapazoids, elliptical?
  7. Is there a way to modify the formula to include the rough stud openings? This is required in my area Thanks
  8. Did this work? I am starting a project where the architect has completed a conceptual design and I am to take over the design from there. He uses ArchiCAD and I am in 2017. I am basically after shaping (and grading).
  9. Would I use this method for creating an Eave over hang on the Gable end roof? Right now the gable show as the thickness of my roof (12") and I need the eave overhang to be only 6". If this is the case, what's the tutorial on creating this? This is a detail I use all the time.
  10. New to Vectorworks: When I create a Gable end Roof system on a house or garage I need to show the soffits and fascias on the Gable Ends as well as on the eaves. I use the insert soffit and fascia commands in the roof tool or in the edit roof tool but the fascia and soffit only show up on the eaves not on the gable ends. (I'm still trying to get the soffit positioned where I want it.) I just get the thick line of the roof assembly itself. It doesn't stop the structure at the wall and extend a soffit and fascia only. What do I need to do to illustrate this correctly? Your help is appreciated. 1639_Conway_-__V1_16-11-23.vwx
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