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Managed to create roof face from coding a marionette node.


will investigate more before placing node / network up.

So once you create the roof face you can control the eaves mitre for the OIP.

:) woopee

Basically coded a node with vs.BeginRoof

So all seems to wok but need to see why the errors occur when you run.

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Hi, Will put this out there for comment as am sure we can solve the error issue together.

So it runs with an error, seems I have an invalid numbers of parameters to the call back function.

But when you hit cancel the you are in the roof object. Exit out and go Open GL and you see roof. Give it texture or change the mitre and you get thickness.

So seems to work so will look at how to solve the errors then look at the other nodes for the roof.


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Not sure yet, but its about the learning process.

Current thinking is I would like to use marionette to create the roof with the gutters of my choice, fascias and ridge cappings etc all with one script.

So for me its an open ended process.

At first I though why use marionette when I can just use the program and it was hard to find a real constructive use for it. Why aren't all these things built into VW. Some peoples attitude is why do I have to create all these things when VW should be doing it and having them in the program. So I am now finding it can streamline my work flow, like my EAP network for gutters and moulding.

With the help of others on the forum, especially Marissa and Sarah who are so helpful and hopefully patient with the Noob questions who knows what is possible.

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These network creates the entire roof from each network creating the roof face from each polygon shape by running each network.

When you run each one do it in open GL and you wil be in the roof face when it runs. Exit the roof and you will see it. If not thickness just play with the mitre in the OIP and you should get depth.

All in the early stages so heaps still to do.

Still needs to be able to read all the polygons automatically rather than typing in the start points for each shape and run it all at once, but as I say its a learning process.

Play with it and maybe you can progress the principle in a way that may suit you and maybe resolve it quicker than me.

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Hi, Need help with being able to run all the objects at one time. When you run one you have to exit the roof to do the next and all is well. Try to combine a few and you still have to exit for each roof and you don't end up with any roofs.

My thinking is I need an exit roof node for each roof then all will be well.

Also running all the roofs i have tested lists and a Series node and I think with an exit node it should all work.

Looked at VS:ResetObject but haven't put into a node yet so not sure yet.

The other task will be to automatically get the bottom edge of the roof that creates the p1,p2 for the pitching point. This way we can really automate the roof construction.

Yes create roof object in VW will do this for a simple roof but I still use roof faces for complicated roofs.

See attached - my complicated roof.

Video at;


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Simplifying the network down so it reads the poly shape starting position but 2 issues are still bugging me.

1. Cant exit the roof face by using a node yet.

2. Not being able to run all the roof faces at one time.

Ideas most welcome.


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Finally :)

Used the existing nodes to create a roof.

After reading the developer.vectorwork more and watching the error messages I figured out that these nodes need wall to work with.

So added walls and voila roofs.

Now I am told to go out and do some gardening so will investigate more later.

Small steps.

How and what controls these nodes would help if a new help site is being proposed.


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Getting there,

The attached creates the walls and roof from a polyline all at once including the gutter.

Need to discover why the gutter cuts the corners and check a bit of maths.

Gutter had curved corners because the OffsetPoly node has a checkbox to smooth corners.

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Converting this to a marionette object works but had to swap some 2d poly nodes to 3d as the wall nodes didnot seem to like a 2d when converted to an object.

Other problem is - Walls have no height but change the wall height in the Design layer and give wall a height of anything and the walls are fixed but they add the height you just put in.

Also shifting geometry, In the OIP untick the gutter end checkbox while in oblique view. WOW.

I understand this is being worked on.


Changing control geometry all works fine.

Do all your changes in top plan view and things should not flip out.

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I want to draw multiple walls at once. Currently it works one poly at a time. I have tried a series node with the various named polys but i suspect it is looking for a name rather than a number even though they are one in the same.

So I guess I need to call multiple names somehow.

Thanks in advance.

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Am able to use the name and list to create the separate walls but they all get messed up so its mixing the start end points rather than doing one wall then the other. Well that is what it seems to me.


What I need is a node that will run one Path name then the next and so on until the list length is complete. maybe I am missing on in the node library.

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Resolved the issue with roof faces not finishing without exiting each roof face one at time.

Added vs.EndGroup() into each of the Pass Nodes at the end of each network.

Seems to stop and close out each roof section.

Marissa, what does this vs.EndGroup actually do besides the obvious?

This also resolved all the multiple run networks that weren't working like running multiple walls, the all run at once now.

There seems to be a callback issue when i tried another way to set this up, not sure why.

See attached also,


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