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EAP Gutter with End Caps


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Hi @AlanWhow do we change the object's colour?


Edit: worked it out. I edited the Attributes obj in the script. I changed its attributes from white fill to use class and then the gutter object also started using 'by class'.


Edit 2: any idea why I might be getting the following error output each time I manipulate the object?






Edit 3: I'm getting this one with the down pipe object too:


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Hi @Marissa Farrell thanks for reaching out. No, I didn't touch the code.


All I did was copy the gutter object across to a file I'm working on, changed some classes of the objects and set the Attributes node to use class instead of manual fill. I also imported the relevant symbols.


What's strange is that I've gone to copy the object from my file to a new blank file in order to attach it here as a test file, but I don't get the errors in the fresh new file. Only in my model file.


Weirder still, I then created a copy of my working file as a .vwx file, to send to you as an example. And that too doesn't exhibit the problem.


It's only when I turn it back into a project file + working file do I start getting the error again.


So when you download the attached file, turn it into a project sharing file and then try to move or edit the Marionette gutter object in the file. I'm also on macOS 11.2, which may or may not make a difference.


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