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Vw light exports



If a symbol has a light in it (eg. interior spotlights), these need to stay in tact when exporting to c4d and not separated. IOW, 1 light in the group of the instance source.

Presently, if I have 20 interior lights (with a vw light object) modeled as a symbol in vw, when exported to c4d I get 20 c4d lights separated from the geometry/instances. This means I now have to add and maintain 20 Vray light tags instead of just 1 to the instance source.

Also, the previous plug in handled symbols far better. Please have a look at this thread https://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=162504#Post162504

to see how they were handled in the object manager. The group "Mini Disc" in the "C4D Export 01.jpg" is a modeled light. Also, notice all the symbol groups are turned off (red traffic lights) because these are the actual geometry that the instances are referring to. This makes it very easy to find and manipulate or add tags.

Jim, of this isn't clear, please let me know how I can explain further. Thanks.

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Thought it would not be possible to instance copy lights.

But see that works great in C4D. Just as lights in symbols in VW.

So I second that wish of keeping lights in symbols when exported.

Also I like to have Instances's Originals separated in C4D like they

are in VW by Ressource Browser, in geometry Instances only.

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