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I think it will be the successor of IFC.

A file format, that will allow collaboration (hubs).

Heard this today for the first time though.

Edit :

Or a a second format that is needed additional to the IFC data that does just

communicate (?)

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Yes, with IFC you needed to load the whole model with change requests ...

BCF just includes the requests.

Don't know how a "hub" is defined. But the BCF has also a part that allows

that collaboration, but needs tools built into software to use it.

But I don't get it completely.

Looks like BCF floats mainly to the complete Model of the BIM Manager.

So each party needs the whole model too, to see what they don't like

to be able to define any requests (?)

Or will these requests come from BIM Manager to clients only (?)

Hey VW user, please push your sofa to the right because we have other stuff there.

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BCF is a complement to an IFC-based workflow.

Think of it as an "open" issue/markup communication protocol for BIM (based on XML), working between any IFC and BCF compatible application.

In order for it to work, all model collaborators must have a version of the BIM exchanged via IFC at least once. This is because the basic IFC information attached to the project and the identifiers of each object (GUID), are the key properties used to correctly synchronize, identify objects and attach viewpoint data and notes.

BCF can be executed in a couple different ways. It can be explicitly file-based, where a .bcf file is created from an application for a particular model and then sent to a receiving application which will open and 'sync' the information to their version of the model. This application also has the option of further editing/adding info, saving and sending the revised .bcf file back to the other app.

Or, BCF can be executed via a centralized server/web-based service, based on RESTful protocols. The BCF 'server' essential stores the BCF files, and content, for projects in a more dynamic database. Each application must still have a synchronized version of the IFC model(s) information on each end, but the BCF data is exchanged as more immediate and discrete 'packets' inside a BIM application interface, rather than as a whole file. More info can be found on GitHub, if you really want to geek out... < https://github.com/BuildingSMART/BCF-API >

Vectorworks' 1st version of BCF implementation is strictly an explicit file importer/viewer inside Vectorworks. Opening a BCF file lets you view the issues associated with the project and even select and navigate between them, with viewpoints automatically being shifted, if saved in the BCF file. You could then use an application like Solibri Model Checker to edit the status of a BCF issue, or make notes, save and then reissue. Or you could use another app that acts as a direct interface to a BCF server.

The plan is to evolve this into a full-blown BCF manager, with creation and editing capabilities and possible BCF server interaction. When? You know I officially can't say, but let's all be optimistic, ok?

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so as for now, the bcf manager only works when some 3rd party application generates a proper ifc feedback for the vectorworks file and saves it as a bcfzip. there's no automatic recognition of the geometry clash issues from within vectorworks, and the manual one is pretty cumbersome.


btw, both buttons 'new' and 'close' don't do much, beside irrevocably clearing all existing topics by the 'new'. if the report is not saved, the information gets lost.

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