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Clipped Extrudes or ?

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Hello All,

Does anyone know if there is a way to clip an extrude, or might you have a suggestion about how I could remove a section of radiused roof. In the attachment you will see there is a lower radiused roof and an upper raised roof. I need to remove not only a section of the lower radiused roof under the upper roof, but a few other areas as well. I am hoping I don't have to draw several sections of lower roof then combine them.

Thanks in advance for any advice you might be able to provide!

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Thanks Jonathan. BTW, I subscribe to Archoncad.

I am not understanding your suggestion. What exactly do you mean by "create the clipping solid objects"?

I can't figure out how to turn the extrude (radiused roof) into several solid objects which might be what you are suggesting.

I have tried creating a rectangle over the extrude (radiused roof) then "Clip Surface" but I get an "illegal object(s) selected" message.

I have also tried using the clip tool on the extrude (radiused roof) and although I see the clipping rectangle being drawn nothing happens.

Further thoughts/suggestions?

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Try the Split tool - It's that Xacto Knife icon in the Basic tool palette.

It has several modes. You probably want the middle, "LineSplit" mode. It cuts the object, then you can select and delete the part you don't want.

Try this tool on a duplicate extrude first in a separate layer or separate file. Tool always cuts perpendicular to the screen. Align your view (eg Front, or Top). Hold down the Option/Alt key to split only the selection.

Read up on the tool in Help.


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Bingo! Thanks Benson. I actually tried using the Split Tool, but must have not been using it properly.

Is there a way to now join all of the pieces of the extrude now that I have deleted the parts that I don't want so that I don't see the lines between the extrudes when rendering?

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