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Golden angle tool

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very impressed, since i did mine all by trial and error

might want to have a different color feature for the inside and outside rings since they are separate from each other. while i can custom select the inner ring by hand it might be a default that the inner ring is red then outer is blue etc

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ok thanks for all the help. after playing with it i found this out.

1. i do not need a script that makes a double ring and that i could just have a single script ring on a separate layer to make as many rings a i need. this i have done with the attached file.

2. being able to control one ring at a time has allowed me to fine tune the inputs to get the ring inside the guidelines.

3. for the inner ring, i could not find out why it did not draw the circles in the prescribed diameters... instead i had to input a large number (120) to get the inner ring to shrink down to fit in the inner guides. I'm not sure what this number does

4. having a script that makes only one ring allows me to tune the "spacing" of each ring separately. this was needed to fit the circles into the guideline spaces.

5. having a single ring script, i do not now need to separate by color since each ring is on its own layer

thanks for everyones help


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