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I am trying to change the size of an existing texture, so when it is applied to my surface, it is sized to the surface. I used the 'set texture' node, and connected that to the texture input on the 'set texture size' node. For the size I used a 'dim' node. This seems to have no affect the size of the texture when running the script.

I am starting to think that the 'set texture size' node is only for when you create a texture, not for using an existing one. What would be the method of changing the size for an existing texture?


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@Stephan Moenninghoff Tank you very much for your fast reply.


Looking at your BOX object, I identify that the NODE that control the texture is the "SET TEXTURE MAP". 


I do not know if there is any documatantion explaining how this node work?


What I need is to control offsetX, offsetY, scale2D, rotate. This will enter in the iSelector input. Do you know how this data should be input? There are several value that will enter in the same input!?


How should be done?


Thank you very much for your support/ help.




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@Stephan Moenninghoff I believe I understand how this node Work.

If for instance I want to rotate the Texture 90 degrees I should introduce in the SET TEXTURE MAP


hObj - Object to control

Type: Bolean

iSelector - 4 (rotate2D)

itemValue - 90


If I want to OffsetX  the texture 15 meters, I should introduce a second SET TEXTURE MAP node with


hObj - Object to control

Type: Bolean

iSelector - 1 (OffsetX)

itemValue - 15 (meters)


Please confirm if is this?

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This node only affect the Mapping of the Object, not the entire texture of the file, correct.


I'm asking this because my objective is to correctly apply wood texture on a furniture (several pieces), and on this I will have wood veins in several different directions (using always the same wood texture).



Once again, thank you for your help.

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