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About This File

Here's a couple of Marionettes I made some time ago to understand texturing. The boxes can be resized and the lid height and offset can be set.


  • Textures of lid will adjust with lid rim
  • A printed logo will replace the label holder if space gets tight (Adjust or replace the texture to change the placeholder logo)
  • dimensions are always outer dimensions, regardless of lid offset (box will shrink if lid offset is increased)
  • Box and drum insertion reference is always front for convenient placement on a shelf
  • Textures and label holder symbol are contained within the marionette script so it fully supports cut/copy/paste between documents
  • "Reset on Move" is OFF

Known Issues:

  • Duplicating boxes is fast initially but adjusting parameters will reset the boxes to their default parameters. (It's a known bug with Marionette so keep your cool...)
  • It takes some time until the first change of any parameter is executed after a box has been duplicated. Nothing I can do about that. It's just the way, Marionettes work. Subsequent changes will be carried out fast

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