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Elevation stamp


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I am trying to build a simple object that reports the layer elevation on the layer it is placed. I want it to take the attributes the text style associated to the dimension class

The text has a prefix K: and then the number K:0, K: 13500

Only the K takes the right text style, the number part is unformatted and a .0 is added at the end.

Ideally i want it to display like K: 13.500 and everything in the text style associated with Dimension class.

Thanks in advance


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Thank you so much Marissa

This is close to perfect, I think i could live with the comma (-:

I have a few more questions:

If I use it fifty times in the project file, is it a danger that the file will be to heavy or complicated? It would be a huge time saver to just drop the object on every staircase and get the right elevation automatic.

Would you recommend to make it a symbol or red symbol?

Is it complicated to make a dropdown menu to choose available classes ( instead of Dimension ) and the let the stamp take the text style associated with chosen class?

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  • Marionette Maven

Using the Marionette Object multiple times in the file shouldn't be dangerous, as for heavy, I'm not sure, but it definitely shouldn't be too complicated. The only time those objects will refresh is if you change the layer they reside on or the script inside, they shouldn't regenerate otherwise.

You would want to save this as a red symbol, otherwise the elevation wouldn't update if you placed it on another layer.

If you have a set list of classes you'd like to choose from, it shouldn't be complicated, but if you're hoping to generate a list from the classes in your document, it won't be as easy. If you want to set up, say, 5 classes that have styles that you'd want to use, you could manually create a popup menu that will display those as choices.

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What a brilliantly simple piece of work. So simple.

This can go on a design layer and you don't have to worry about changing your drawing notes because reports the Design layer Level directly.

One issue is how to get it to refresh when you change it.

Currently if you change it the figure wont chang unless you go in and out of the script.

Keep posting your ideas here even if you think its not really amazing because all these things spark ideas.

Post more please.

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Thank you Alan

This is for a residential project situated in quite a sloping land. Every staircase has different elevation and it can be tricky to keep track of every layer and get the annotation right.

Earlier we used a simple symbol with record format connected to the text but this will be so much easier

Attached are the "final" version of the stamp saved as a red symbol and one adjustable one for some exceptions where it will be handy to add a value to the layer elevation.


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When I placed it in my drawing I found I needed to adjust the scale so I added a few things to your network.

Scale, orientation , text type and ID and Mirror.

Marissa this mirror text seems to work Maybe we should look at this coding to see if it can be transposed to the mirror node that doesn't work.

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  • Marionette Maven

Unfortunately, Alan, that script will only work on text objects.

I think we were headed in the right direction with the scale node. If I get around to it today, I'll post a simple mirror node (I just have a couple more things I want to figure out on it). Otherwise, bother me next week and I'll get it up.

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