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Microsoft Surface

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I have heard it works acceptably well from a few tests with the models that included Nvidia graphics, but with heavier and more complex files the Intel GPU versions bogged down a bit. We do not have heavy integration for a touch interface yet however, so many of the benefits of a touchscreen device to not translate directly into Vectorworks currently.

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On 4/13/2019 at 7:00 PM, Charlie Winter said:

@Jim Wilson Curious about this. Are there future plans to incorporate touchscreen functions into Vectorworks?

I have not seen much related to touchscreens. We did a bit of work to bring in touchbar support, but it is not widely used and Apple has so far not seemed like they will bring it to many other devices. On the Windows side, touchscreen machines that adhere to a standard and not a proprietary touchscreen solution are even more rare.

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I had a surface pro 3.  I briefly installed vw on it.  I quickly found that it was silly for a number of reasons.  Touch was unusable and the overall performance was so lacking I found little use of it.  I just use it now on-site visits to make notes on and I don't do that in VW.

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