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Energos, spaces, and schematic design


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I'm going to keep flogging this topic, my firm got really excited about the possibility of integrating energy modeling into the design process when this was announced, since we do a fair number of deep energy retrofits and new construction. The idea of being able to evaluate the efficiency early in the SD process without having to switch programs was very appealing, but the lack of documentation and the convoluted process required to get to an energy model have utterly destroyed our enthusiasm.

Are there plans to release some real documentation? Or enable energy modeling off of volumetric models? Or get Sefeira to do a VW plugin?

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Most likely there will be documentation created after the changes mentioned in the Development thread arrive. My schedule for content creation is limited, and often when new features or major changes are looming, delaying the creation of documentation happens rather than having to revise a piece of content only a few months after the original was released.

There should have been in-depth documentation of Energos at its release, unfortunately that was not the case.

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To respond to the original question, do you have to use spaces to use Energos?, I just watched the Vectorworks tutorial "Introduction to Energy Modeling Using Energos" by Francois Levy. He indicated that spaces are needed to tell Energos which is the interior and exterior sides of the walls, for what it's worth.

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Given there is no documentation, that webinar was a big step ahead.

My buildings still fails all standards :)

I see I have no Volume, I thought I gave a height. Have to look at my Spaces again.

Maybe my large window areas aren't welcome too.

But not sure if my typical slabs will be calculated correctly.

I usually use a slab for the real slab + additional slabs for each finish floor.

And I hope the climate settings will also work outside of the US correctly.

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I used Energos successfully in 2016. Now in 2020 I cannot get results. I have check-boxed envelope elements and spaces to be included in Energos results. Also given spaces a volume. Looking forward to the Energos VSS webinar on March 13. Meanwhile have colleagues had more recent Energos success. Especially on obtaining results? I'll watch the Francois Levy webinar again, but for now it's not loading....

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