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Deform Tool blowing my mind

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I'm trying to do a very simple edit of a custom shape created with the polygon tool (a spandex backdrop for an exhibit booth). I converted it to a 3D shape with the Push/Pull. I need it to have a slight curve so I resorted to the deform tool. In Top Plan view I try and deform it, but nothing happens. The Mac error sound plays and the shape snaps back to normal.

The shape I'm trying to curve is the top one. I'm trying to mimic the shape below.





So yeah, after I release the mouse click, the shape bounces back to normal with an error sound.

I'm sure it's something super simple that I'm missing. It's bugging the heck out of me.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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Sambo, I am able to deform a similar shape, but it's not that faceted version you have with the spandex pattern.

One thing to look at is the bend mode. You want the Symmetric mode.

Another thing is to try a new file and draw a new object to bend.

I tried bending both an extrude and a Generic Solid resulting from a 2d polyline "made thick" with Push/Pull. These source shapes were created in Front view. The Push/Pull operation was in a flyover.

Successfully bent both shapes, bending in Top/Plan and in a flyover view. I made a layer plane arc guide that represents the front edge of the correctly bent shape.

In the Bend tool, I enabled only the Symmetric Bend mode.

1st click - center of shape (where you have it)

2nd click - off to the right, distance not important.

3rd click - at end point of the guide arc.

I also tried it successfully with both the Symmetric and the Finite Length modes enabled. Not sure why both modes can be enabled at same time.



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