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  1. I upgraded to a 12-Core and hooooooly smokes it's fast (the FirePro D700 helps!). I do photorealistic renders of big shows (like Adobe MAX), and I have yet to spend more than 20 minutes on an intricate FinalRW that includes full event lighting, hundreds of textures, and thousands and thousands of polygons. I would recommend this rig. Cheers.
  2. After some research, looks like you're right on. Dang, I found such a good deal, but I can see why now! Thanks Jim.
  3. Andy, I'm pretty sure that's what the problem was. Although it could have been a multitude of problems,the rectangle was seemingly stuck within the floor extrude. I ended up deleting the floor altogether and the ghost vanished with it. Thank you Andy and Art V. Cuddos
  4. Alright, some voodoo stuff is going on. There seems to be a random rectangle that only shows up in rendered scenes (Final, Fast, Custom, etc.). The shape does not show up on Top Plan view or in Open GL. The shape is not selectable on any class, layer, etc. The rectangle also affects the concrete textured floor as well. The shape also seems to be manipulated when I render different angles of the scene, yet the shape doesn't seem to stay consistent with a specific perspective. It just....does whatever the heck it pleases. Is my project haunted? Do I call in an exorcist? Any help would be wonderful. Thanks in advance. Ex 1 - Wireframe Ex 1 - Open GL Ex 1 - Final Quality RW Ex 2 - Wireframe Ex 2 - Open GL Ex 2 - Final Quality RW
  5. Oh my god it's that easy??! I was using the deform tool but didn't even think of coming in from the top. Some of the basics sometimes go right over my head. Thank you so much JimW! Life (job) saver. Cheers
  6. So we just got these into our warehouse, and I'm bending over my back trying to create a render for them. What eludes me is how to recreate these kinds of bends and manipulation of a simple 3D rectangle. Can anyone take a jab at it or give me some suggestions? Thanks in advance :whistle: This is my train of thought: manipulate a rectangle....right? This is what I'm trying to create.
  7. Both of these look great. I've tried a combination of these ideas and it really comes down to the lighting in the different environments. Thanks for the help guys <3
  8. Hey community, I've been in a constant battle for months trying to create this very specific texture. My company rents out LED lit "mods" in various shapes and sizes such as bars, dance floors, runways, etc. They are built using an acrylic called White 2447. I just can't seem to create the right mixture of settings and presets to mimic this acrylic effect, especially when it interacts with lighting. Has anyone created acrylic textures similar to this? Or have an idea on how to? Much appreciated! https://intheevent.com/product/led-modular-floor-panel/ https://intheevent.com/product/led-deluxe-bar/
  9. Awesome, you guys are great!! Saved my project.
  10. I'm trying to do a very simple edit of a custom shape created with the polygon tool (a spandex backdrop for an exhibit booth). I converted it to a 3D shape with the Push/Pull. I need it to have a slight curve so I resorted to the deform tool. In Top Plan view I try and deform it, but nothing happens. The Mac error sound plays and the shape snaps back to normal. The shape I'm trying to curve is the top one. I'm trying to mimic the shape below. So yeah, after I release the mouse click, the shape bounces back to normal with an error sound. I'm sure it's something super simple that I'm missing. It's bugging the heck out of me. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Awesome! Thank you so much for taking the time to do all that. Yeah I had no idea that’s what I was doing wrong this whole time. And thank you very much for the tips. Great suggestions. As you can tell I’m still a little new to this ball game. Cheers, Sambo
  12. Added a point light and boosted refraction/set a dark absorption color, and something funky is still going on. It seem like right before the render is done it looks great (other than the backdrop skewing a bit), but once the render is done the glass is gone. And even the shadows don't appear on the image. Right before render completion After
  13. Yeah I made sure it was imported properly, but still having an issue... Here I uploaded a couple images to give a better idea on what I'm seeing. This is the view in OpenGL This is halfway through a Final Quality rendering And this is after rendering is done
  14. Hey, I'm having a little trouble with rendering. My Vectorworks 2016 is up to date. This problem has been happening before but now it is getting on my nerves! I'm not sure if it's a bug or I'm doing something wrong. So, I would import an image to a rectangle that I would place on a wall to act as a backdrop. I would then put objects, in this case, glass shelving in front of the backdrop. Everything is good and gravy until I do a final quality render, and for some reason the glass texture (in this case the default Glass Frosted RT) would not show up on top of the backdrop. I made sure the backdrop is in the BACK ("Send Object To Back"), and yet it still appears to be ON TOP of the glass texture. I hope this made sense. Thank you in advance for any help!
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