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showing different in 2D plan and top view

the frog

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Thank you Patrick for the new version.

I tried but nothing changes. it does the same thing.

I looked in the script to see the diferences (see picture)

This is of no help because I don't understand it

when I devide the script (see picture) what is in the square works with both versions of "move"

So there must be another node involve in the pb

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  • Marionette Maven

Hey the frog!

I've attached a file that I believe fixes your issue.

The problem is that when you copied your rectangle, the copy never got extruded which left it as a 2D object. When this happens, you can think of these Marionette Objects as "Hybrid" 2D/3D objects, which means that when you are in top/plan you will see the 2D objects, but when in any 3D view, you will see your 3D objects.

I added a delete node to the file and connected the output port "copy" to it, in order to remove that pesky 2D representation.





Does this help?


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Marissa thanks a lot

I started going crasy.

What I don't understand is the reason why when you make a copy you get at the end 3 objects (in my case original, copy I use and the one you deleted).

Another subject is why, having the last French version, my move node as a different script than the last German version? this brings me to the last question: is it safe to replace the node in the "operation" file in the lib?



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  • Marionette Maven


The copy node isn't producing 3 objects, it's just producing 2, however when you used "Get Rectangle" to get the width and height, and applied it to the other "Rectangle" node, you created your 3rd rectangle then. Another way you could have done this would be to create another wire from the two nodes you were using for your first rectangle, since those are the same values returned from the "Get Rectangle" node.

I'm attaching a file that shows this process instead. I thickened the wires to show you what I mean. Let me know if this is not clear.

This revised network does not require copying the rectangle, therefor there is no need to delete a copy.

With regards to the move node, I do not believe you would hurt anything by replacing your French node with the German node, although I haven't looked at either of them. If you're truly concerned, you could create a brand new symbol for the German version and name it so that you know the difference.

I hope I've been helpful!


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  • 2 weeks later...


I use the same topic for a new problem

I made a script to frame my paintings. It works fine but when I convert it to object it becomes invisible. The only part I see is the last rectangle (retrait in the OIP).

If I try the script without the path extrude node all parts are shown. Is there a pb with my script?

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You are looking at a 3d object in top plan mode and 3d objects don't show unless you convert to an auto-hybrid. If you hit 5 on keyboard it shows in colour, or any other 3d orientation.

Also you have only added an attribute which is only for 2d objects so you have path extruded the object so you need to put a texture on it and it will show.


For the Brains trust , Why does the texture continually change everytime you run a script with the texture set up as in this script????

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I opened your file and you encounter the same problem as I do

See the pictures top view object and top view wrapper

When you convert into object, the only part you get to see is the back rectangle of the frame. The path extruded part, where you can change the size and the deepness of the frame, does not appear if you stay in wrapped it works.

Concerning the textures I don’t know why they are moving from one name to the other, what I found out is that when you try a texture it won’t appear unless the texture is already in the document. Then if you change a parameter in open gl mode (like a size) the texture at the end of the script will switch to a new name.

Truly when I am finished with the museum objects modeling I would like to use them to work and at this minute the marionette textured object is not safe enough to be included in a project where I can have lots of different textures.

At the end Marionette should make us gain time and not flip out because rendering is crazy inside the script

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No thanks a lot

I will use the "image from url" node (slightly modified) to place the paintings right in the back of the frame. The goal is to get the info out of a Filemaker base where all the infos about the paintings are stored and link the frame size to it. This way at the instant I pick up a painting it will be at the back of the frame at the right size, a good way to highjack Sarah’s script in the last webinar session.

Not all paintings have glass and then reflexion will be too long to calculate for my poor render (usually 4 to 8 bounces).

If you have any idea why textures are getting crasy or why the frame does not appear...

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