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A String of Lights

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You said a string of lights in your last comment re control geometry.

Well using your light nodes your control geometry and voula.


To get the RGB colour of the lights you need to look at


VW uses 16bit colours not 8bit for the codes as I understand os you need to multiply each RGB colour number by 256 to get the corresponding 16bit colour.

Or just alter the numbers in the RGB Colour Palette code in the OIP

In the VW file you need to show lights "Dispaly lights always" in preferences or on your shortcuts tool bar.

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So I couldn't figure out how to get the RGB colours to input through the OIP and stumbled onto using the Point3D node and it worked.

(Always a work around somewhere) (Changed it a bit so its relevant)

So turn on your lights in the file and select your RGB colour and put them in (eg R 189, G 174, B 66)

You can also adjust the beam now, choose light type and brightness.

I don't have VW Spotlight so it was always a bit of a pain to get all my lights working well. I can now use this light object to set up all my display lighting etc.

Thanks all

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Hi Alan,


I'm loving this string of lights, but...I'm not seeing how to utilize the changes you mention in your post above...the Point 3D node, beam/brightness control, etc...is there an attachment to your post that I can't see, or another video that I've missed?


I'm new to both this forum and Marionette, so please speak slowly...;)


Thanks in advance,





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