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Eyedropper tool deletes wall cavities

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I have noticed that using the eyedropper tool to apply attributes to walls causes the wall to lose its cavity lines. If I pick up the attributes from a wall, and put them down on the very same wall, its cavities are deleted. Same for any other eyedropper operation with any wall. I haven't noticed this in the past with versions 8 and 9 - is this a new bug?

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My eyedropper preferences are set to select everything except "Record" and "Pick up sets defaults."

I tried this in a new document, and found that the problem does not occur until I use the "Wall type" tool. Create a few walls with the regular wall tool, try the eyedropper, and you will not see the problem. Create another wall with the Wall Type tool, and use the eyedropper to transfer its attributes to one of the walls you created previously. Then you will see the problem.

VWA 10.1


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